Chateau Ollieux Romanis 2011 “Cuvee Capucine” Corbieres-Boutenac

I don’t know why this wine is named Capucine. Was it named after the French actress who live about an hour away? Or Refuge Capucine, a dog shelter near the winery? Or the local bistro sharing the name? No idea. Regardless, this a great dinner-at-home wine. Round...

Philadelphia Daily News: Get a taste, and degree, for wine

If you don’t know a pinot gris from a pinot noir, resolve this year to become a wine pro.

With the popularity of movies like “Sideways,” a film about love and marriage set in southern California’s Santa Barbara County wine district, as well as increased interest among young professionals who are starting wine clubs and going to tastings, there’s no better time to sip and learn.