Cantine dei Colli Ripani 2004 “Ninfa Ripana” Passerina

Posted by Keith Wallace

Verdicchio has been the shining star of white wine from the Marche since Fazzi-Battaglia hit the market with its fish-shaped bottle over thirty years ago. Lesser-known whites were pushed even farther into the background.

The Offida zone in Ascoli Piceno province is a relatively new DOC, having attained that status in 2001. Here, those once forgotten grapes are given their due. Passerina, the local name for the more widely planted Biancame, has risen from blending obscurity to join the ranks of authentic and interesting native varietals. It is bottled in both dry and passito styles, and some producers use it for Brut and Vin Santo.

This version combines the smoothness and mildly bitter nuttiness of Verdicchio with the hazelnut-dewy pine- the resin of a Fiano from Campania. Neither of those stalwarts has the buzzy acidity, pinpoint flavors, and minerality of this eye-opener from the Ripana hills.

Its texture and lively mouthfeel make it a suitable companion for salty antipasti, shellfish, or fish-based soups. You can check out our recommended wine pairings here.

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  1. Would someone please contact me? My phone number is 302-545-6406.
    I have a company — Piceno LLC — that imports wines from the Province of Ascoli Piceno.
    The Ninfa Ripana wine reviewed above was my import that was purchased by PLCB through the auspices of its Chairman’s Club program. We have two more wines forthcoming this November.
    Would love to speak more with you about the range of our offerings.
    Hope to have our web site up and operating by September 15.
    Jack Polidori
    Piceno LLC


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