sommelier of the year 2023

Sommelier Student of the Year!

The Wine School of Philadelphia has named Stacy Wessel, owner of Race Street Café, the 2024 Sommelier Student of the Year. Stacy Wessel, a veteran Philadelphia restaurateur, won the award following …

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Eater Philadelphia Thinks We Have an Amazing Wine Club!

The Wine School of Philadelphia’s catalog of courses are designed to delve into the nuances and complexities of wines from around the world. Its wine club membership is an extension of these offerings, providing subscribers access to exclusive weekly members-only events, founder’s pairing dinners, a bi-weekly newsletter, training workshops, and opportunities to connect with experts in the wine industry.

“The Best Wine and Beer Clubs in Philadelphia” Eater Philadelphia, April 2024

who comes to wine school

Who Takes Our Sommelier Courses?

Not to be corny, but our sommelier students are in a class of their own.The Wine School of Philadelphia has always been an outlier in the wine world. We attract a …

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wine educator

Seeking Wine Educators

We are seeking our next generation of wine educators in Philadelphia and beyond! If you want to be part of our community, now is the time to act!We are on the …

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getting started in wine

Getting Started in Wine

Wine is a great hobby; it’s an even better career. Getting started in wine is the best idea you will ever have. At least, it was for me! The wine trade …

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What is Tannin

Understanding Tannin

Writers Don’t Understand Tannin.When I was a winemaker in California, the very first question a customer asked me was, “What is Tannin?” So many times, the question was posed when I …

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Sommelier opening wine bottle

Sommelier Courses in America

The world of wine is lovely. Sommelier courses open opportunities in all sectors, from the hospitality industry to retail, education to marketing, and distribution to production. Wine jobs are not only …

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Va La “Prima Donna” e1590795523555

Best Wineries Near Philadelphia

Stuck at home and need some wine? Want to support a local winery?  Several students in our online wine classes asked us for this list, and here is our list of …

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Israeli wine

Great Israeli Wine

Wine has been produced in this region for thousands of years. However, the modern wine industry started only in the late 1800s with the help of Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, …

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Sommelier’s Guide to Champagne

Champagne!Every person in every corner of the world knows about Champagne. But did you know they didn’t invent sparkling wine? That was the British. They didn’t even make the first bubbles …

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IMG 20190325 161343 046

Wine Tasting at Home

Spend a few minutes listening to a sommelier speak about wine, and they will soon have you dazzled with their talk of aromas and bouquets, unknown wine valleys, and silky tannins. …

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Italian food and wine pairing

Italian Food and Wine Pairing

Italian food is beloved everywhere. Because of that, you will see sommeliers pairing Italian dishes with wine from nearly every country globally. For example, a good Chilean Sauvignon Blanc will match …

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Female vintner smelling glass of wine in vineyard

Wine Jobs

Want to Work in the Wine Industry? Discover Your Dream Job and How to Get It!Wine Professions for EveryoneThe wine industry offers a myriad of career opportunities to suit your aspirations. …

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Beaujolais wine bottle in colorful vineyard scene.


Misunderstood BeaujolaisBeaujolais is an often misunderstood region just south of Burgundy. For the past two decades, the area has turned from easy-drinking wines to a style that balances delight and complexity. …

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wine ratings

Wine Ratings 101

How Wine Ratings Came to BeWine ratings are both standardized and controversial. The ratings are often subject to individual preferences and tastes. However, they are also a systematic way to rank …

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food and wine pairing

Italian Wine Pairings

An Italian Sommelier’s Guide to Italian Wine PairingsItalian Wine Pairings from the NorthItaly is a country of diversity, and it’s hard to make generalizations. This is especially true when considering the …

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sommelier wine beer 71

The Top BYOB Restaurants in Philly

BYO culture in Philly is unique among American cities. It came about due to the influence of the  PLCB and high rent in Center City’s restaurant district.  For most chefs, the …

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wine aroma kits

Wine Aroma Kits

I’ve used scent training for our sommelier training for decades. It’s a core part of our programming. I hadn’t planned on ever developing scent kits until 2020. I started by creating …

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WHO attempts to destroy the wine trade

The War Against Wine

The War Against Science Trust in science is at its lowest point in generations. So why is an international health agency willing to further degrade its reputation by loudly espousing moral …

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Two Vintners 2020 Grenache, Columbia Valley (Washington)

Top Gift Wines

I want three core elements for any wine: high quality, fairly priced, and small production. I’m the type of wine curmudgeon who doesn’t bother with mass-produced wines but doesn’t want to …

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A Note to Our Sommelier Students

Dear Students,I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share some wonderful news about our Advanced Sommelier program. As many of you know, over the past few years, we’ve …

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Zinfandel wine bottle and glass with grapes illustration.

What is Zinfandel?

Zinfandel: The All-American Grape with Hidden RootsZinfandel, or as it is affectionately called, Zin, is said to be one of the most famous noble grapes in America. Its heavy flavors and …

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Five top Italian wines for $20.

Top Italian Red Wines for $20

Italian Red Wines 101Walk into any wine shop, and you will be confronted with hundreds of Italian red wines, ranging in price from six dollars to hundreds. Your goal is to …

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Michael Kraemer, Sommelier Student of the Year Award

Sommelier Student of the Year

Michael Kraemer, an Advanced Sommelier student at the Wine School of Philadelphia, has been named the 2023 Sommelier Student of the Year Award winner. The award, which recognizes dedication to the …

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Schioppettino #3

The effort to save the varietal Schioppettino from extinction can be traced back to the actions of one man, Paulo Rapozzi, and his vineyard Ronchi di Cialla. After the twin threats …

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Schioppettino #2

In Janis Robinson’s impressive “Wine Grapes,” she describes 1,400 grape varietals in commercial production. However, the world’s wine shelves are dominated by a mere 20. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay have …

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Located at the “shin” of Italy, bordered on the east by the Tyrrhenian Sea and set between the Garigliano River to the north and the Gulf of Policastro to the south, …

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Tucked away in the eastern hills of the Friuli region of Italy is a small valley between the Upper Adriatic Sea and the foothills of the Julian Alps. This area, known …

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Coda di Volpe

Coda di Volpe, also called Coda di Volpe Bianca, is a native white wine grape grown in the Campania region of Italy, primarily in Benevento, Avellino, Napoli, and Caserta. With an …

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Timorasso #4

Timorasso is a white grape native to Italy and has been growing around the Tortona hills, located at the crossroads of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, and Liguria, since the Middle Ages. …

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