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Over two thousand wine reviews! While most of our reviews focus on great wines under $20, we also offer reviews of luxury and collectible wines. As we are located in Philadelphia, most wines reviewed here are available via wine shops in Pennsylvania. Our main reviewer is Keith Wallace, the executive director and founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia.

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The Wine School Blog

This is where we feature all our favorite things.  Great wines, top sommeliers, awesome winemakers, great articles,  and charity events at the Wine School. If we really love it, or we think you should know about it, it’s going to be right here.

July 2018 Newsletter

  Hope you are having a good summer. It's been really great here at the school, and we have a lot of interesting classes coming up. The Great Ciders of the World  class is going to be really interesting. The Mixology class is going to be really amazing. We did a...

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May 2018 Newsletter

  I hope you are doing well.  I am a bit late with the newsletter this month. Sorry!  We've been a little busy renovating the school.  I hope you can forgive me. I've enclosed my top wine suggestions, and I've posted a few really cool classes. I think you'll like...

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Selections from our Wine Cellar

A few wine reviews from our archives. 

Domaine de la Janasse 2006 Cotes du Rhone Blanc

The nose is rich with mushrooms and spice, though there's a certain dried apricot perfume there from the viognier, too. You can definitely smell the oak here, which was lavished on this wine but doesn't overpower it. On the palate, this white is every bit as deep and nuanced as the nose implies, with a delicious...

Tasting Campania

We've dropped Italian Pick of The Week in favor of a more suitable header, one which translates as "The Wine Corner". A place not just for reviews but any and all things related to the wines of Italy. Sooo..... Southern Italy Rises Again Campania is one of my favorite regions. Sorrento...the Amalfi...

Langlois NV Cremant de Loire

We've mentioned this sparkler before, but it seems especially relevant this time of year, when too many people spend too much money on name-brand bubblies that deliver a fraction of what their price-tag implies. This one, though, is just right: Fresh, food-friendly, slightly exotic, and only $14.99.

Chateau Saint Jean 2010 Chardonnay, Belle Terre Vineyard

This is an American classic Chardonnay.  Imagine a big ole' honey bear of a wine, dressed up in a tuxedo, but passed out on a feather bed. Golden and glossy in the glass,  it starts off with a perfumed aroma: ginger, fresh butter, and wild flowers.  On the palate, it turns dense. Sweet vanilla and butterscotch hit...

CrossBarn 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

The “CrossBarn” is remarkably similar to the “Paul Hobbs,” but at half the price. It is lush and dense with richly soft tannins, it stains the glass with a deep crimson. Full bodied, it offers up rich flavors of blackberry and burnt oak that are deeply embedded into a savory impression of fresh bay laurel and roses.

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