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Over two thousand wine reviews! While most of our reviews focus on great wines under $20, we also offer reviews of luxury and collectible wines. As we are located in Philadelphia, most wines reviewed here are available via wine shops in Pennsylvania. Our main reviewer is Keith Wallace, the executive director and founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia.

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This is where we feature all our favorite things.  Great wines, top sommeliers, awesome winemakers, great articles,  and charity events at the Wine School. If we really love it, or we think you should know about it, it’s going to be right here.

July 2018 Newsletter

  Hope you are having a good summer. It's been really great here at the school, and we have a lot of interesting classes coming up. The Great Ciders of the World  class is going to be really interesting. The Mixology class is going to be really amazing. We did a...

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May 2018 Newsletter

  I hope you are doing well.  I am a bit late with the newsletter this month. Sorry!  We've been a little busy renovating the school.  I hope you can forgive me. I've enclosed my top wine suggestions, and I've posted a few really cool classes. I think you'll like...

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Selections from our Wine Cellar

A few wine reviews from our archives. 

Bodegas Norton 2004 Privada, Mendoza

Sticking your nose into a glass of the '04 Privada is like sticking your face into the best brunch buffet ever. Bacon, toast with cinnamon, roasted nuts, fig newtons, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and some more bacon. I am a very happy boy right now. The framework of the Bordeaux-style blend is full-bodied and...

Ottimino 2009 Zinfandel, Rancho Bello Vineyard

Ottimino was established in 1999 by Brad Alper and William Knuttel.  Their first bottling was from the Ranch Bello vineyard.  This is  Alper's winery in many ways, but Knuttel is the name that makes this project very interesting. William Knuttel was the  winemaker for Saintsbury in Carneros for 13 years, Chalk Hill...

Bodega Triton 2009 “Tridente” Tempranillo

  What is this curious label? The wine region listed is "Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon", a reference to a huge -- and unremarkable -- wine region in central Spain. What it doesn't tell you is that the source for this bottling is from the single vineyard of Villanueva de Campean. Originally planted in 1905, it...

Viña Cobos 2004 Malbec “Bramare” Marchiori Vineyard, Mendoza

Snap up as much of this as you can--at $19.99 (marked down from $49.99 in the state), it's one of the deals of the season. This rich red is kept in check by a spine of minerality that gives it both depth and lift. Lovely, and downright cheap.

Craiglee 2007 Shiraz, Victoria

Cooler climate Shiraz are often the greatest and finest of all Australian wines. This bottle sports of aromas of beef jerky, wood smoke, and white pepper arrive first. A touch of reductive fruit comes forward along with a dash of freshly grated nutmeg. Similar to a Cote Rotie in structure, this baby sports a fresh...
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