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Smiling mature man drinking a glass of red wine

Getting Started in Wine

Wine is a great hobby; it’s an even better career. The wine trade offers a surprisingly vast tapestry of work opportunities. Unlike other passions, it’s the one vice that pays well …

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Wine background. Glasses of red wine. On a wooden background.

History of Zinfandel

All About Zinfandel For decades, Zinfandel was considered the all-American grape, an ultimate California wine. But there was always a mystery as to where it originated from. Starting in the 1960s, …

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Know Your Wine Bottle

Wine bottles are based on centuries of traditions. The wine trade is deeply beholden to those traditions. Even the largest multinational wine corporation (talking to you, Gallo) won’t mess this those …

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IT Chianti WInery 2

Wine Business 101

The wine business has unique traits without parallel in other markets. Wine is an agricultural product, but it’s also a lifestyle commodity; in some cases, wine bottles are collectible items, in …

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sicilian vineyard

Sicilian Wine

If the idea of waking up to a sage-scented ocean breeze sounds alluring, what about sipping coffee in an ancient fruit orchard while looking out over the crystal-blue Mediterranean? The Sicilian …

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French Wine Regions

France’s history with wine dates back to the 6th century BC when the city-state of Massalia (modern-day Marseille) began trading wines with other Mediterranean cultures. Viticulturally speaking, it remained a backwater …

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Wine Ratings 101

Looking for wine reviews? Go here: Wine Ratings and Reviews Database How Wines Get Their Scores Wine ratings are both standardized and controversial. The ratings are often subject to individual preferences and …

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Famous Heart shaped wine road in Austria / Slovenia in summer, Heart form - Herzerl Strasse, vineyards in summer, Spicnik tourist spot

Austrian Wine

Austria is well known for Mozart, Schnitzel, Sacher torte, and The Sound of Music, but are you aware of its viticulture? During the 19th century, Austria’s wine industry boomed, but many …

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