Associated Press: Taking wine as gift shouldn’t be a chore

It’s a look wine shop clerks know well. That overwhelmed, glassy-eyed stare that afflicts people as they wade through aisle after aisle of wine in search of the right bottle to bring to a party.

But arming yourself with a little advice and doing a bit of planning can make it easy to break out of the wine shop stupor and get the right wine for the right event for the right price.

Step 1: Relax. It’s just wine. And most shops are jammed with great $10 bottles, so it’s hard to make an awful choice.

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Budweiser is taking on Philly Craft Brews

Philadelphians are buying more craft beer than ever, but the region’s brewmasters are bracing for the biggest name in beer to move into town. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the maker of Budweiser products …

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