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When you hire the Wine School, you are hiring the top echelon of wine industry insiders and personalities.  Our services are available to any size group: We develop large-scale events for the Food Network and the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival; We also  craft wine tasting events for intimate gatherings. 


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Wine Event Director

Danielle Wojnicki


We are thrilled to have Danielle as our Director of Private Events. Prior to taking on this position, Danielle ran her own highly successful catering business. 

Danielle has been a member of the Wine School family since 2009, first as a student and then as a visiting instructor. To us, she is the ideal example of a wine professional.  

Her passion for all things corked & forked is evident to everyone she meets. Her global travel to wine regions is legendary, as is her academic work. 


Danielle  holds the title of Advanced Sommelier and completed the arduous Wine Educator Training in 2018.  She is currently working toward her master-level sommelier certification. 

This amazing background shows in every wine event she creates. An event with Danielle is effortless, brilliant, and fun. 

 As our Director of Wine Events, she bundles up her love of wine and crafts a brilliant evening for our clients.  If you are looking to host a wine tasting event, please reach out. Her repertoire ranges from wine 101 to keynote speeches, each tailored to your individual needs. 

The Wine School created the perfect Ikea event: creatively exciting and accessible to everyone.

Ikea National Headquarters

We had a great time last night. Food was delicious as were the wine selections. Nothing but positive feedback. Thank you!

Meradia Group, Inc.

Thank you so much for creating the perfect event for us!

Abington Arts Center

A wonderful introduction to the world of wine which the participants still talk about favorably over six months after the event.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Spend two hours with our top sommelier-instructor? Or perhaps our resident winemaker? Your choice! Not only will you be tasting wine, but you will also be learning from the best: SOMM named us the top wine school in America.  A wonderful class for wine enthusiasts.

We can help turn your event into an affair your guests will be talking about for months. Contact us to see what we can do for you. 

Event Consulting

Have a best-selling cookbook author walk your guests through classic pairings? Yes, please!  A two-hour class in which you will be tasting the classic food and wine pairings.  An amazing event that will change how you think about eating and drinking.

Food Pairing Events

Minimum 8 People

Wine and cheese pairing is the type of class that attracts some very smart people. It combines history and chemistry into a beautiful moment of synchronicity. This is an event for flavor poets.

Cheese Pairing Class

Minimum 8 People

Anyone can learn how to craft the perfect cocktail. Learn the secrets from our top mixologist and craft a series of cocktails. Can any class be more fun than this? From the basics of building and mixing cocktails, your guests will build their own tasty creations.

Mixology Events

Minimum 8 People

Take a class with our master distiller. Taste amazing and rare whiskeys, direct from our exclusive collection.  Your guests will craft beautiful cocktails and learn the history behind some of the greatest distilleries in the world.

Whisky Tasting Events

Minimum 8 People

Corporate Wine Events

Our client list includes Microsoft, IKEA, Google, GE, Campbell’s  Soup, University of Pennsylvania, and Comcast.  Like all the offerings at the Wine School,  our corporate wine events are far from the ordinary. From team building to customer appreciation events, we have a decade of experience in building extraordinary corporate wine experiences  Each one of our events is custom built with respect to our client’s needs.  Events can be held at the school or your location.

Private Wine Tasting Events

We have been running our series of fun and educational wine tasting events since the school was founded in 2001. These two-hour tastings are a great way to host a corporate event.  Our sommelier-instructors are charismatic and irreverent, and never snobbish. Philadelphia Magazine featured these events in their 2008 “Best of Philly” edition, and for good reason.

20 Years of Wine

In the past twenty years, the Wine School has run corporate events for the Food Network, Google, Ameritrade, PNC, Ford, Ikea, and half the companies in the Fortune 500 list. We’ve worked with nearly every major local nonprofit including  Water for People, Women’s Way, Clean Water Action, and the Fairmount Park Conservatory.  

Politics? We don’t shy from our beliefs. We are very much pro-wine. And apparently, are our elected officials. We’ve worked with both Republican and Democrat leaders in fundraising campaigns. That may offend some folks, but we don’t really care. We like smart folks who can drink wine and are willing to talk about ideas. 

In twenty years of popping corks, we have a lot of stories. We could probably topple several state governments with the amount of dirt we’ve heard over the years. Don’t worry, we’ll just focus on the silly wine stuff.

That is not hard. there are so many divas in the wine trade that it would take seven hours just to give you an outline of their blow-hardiness. Did you know there is a famous restaurant critic in Philly who doesn’t understand black pepper. It’s not that he/she can’t taste it, just cant’t figure it out. Also, there is a bestselling wine author –and local wine critic– who can’t tell a pinot grigio from a chardonnay. And there is a world class chef who can’t get over his love of white zinfandel. That’s only a taste. If you want to hear the real dirt, just sit back and listing carefully. 

There are plenty of actors and sports stars who live in Philly. Not surprisingly, they all take classes at the Wine School. However, the really famous usually hire us for a private event or wine class. We don’t drink and tell, but at this point, the only team who hasn’t been at the school are the Eagles. And that is really not cool. 



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