Wine School Membership and Club

$18.99 / month with 1 month free trial and a $1.00 sign-up fee

Unlock a world of wine luxury with our exclusive membership. Enjoy VIP access to upscale wine events, indulge in gourmet Founder’s Pairing Dinners, and connect with wine experts. Plus, your loyalty pays off with membership refunds. Elevate your wine journey today!


School Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Monthly Wine Tastings: As a member, you’ll enjoy the privilege of attending our exclusive monthly wine tastings. It’s your ticket to discovering exceptional wines you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Access to Exclusive Wine Events: You’ll have the golden key to our exclusive wine events and can even bring a friend along. It’s your passport to unforgettable wine experiences.
  • Founder’s Food & Wine Pairing Dinners: Immerse yourself in the world of gourmet cuisine and fine wine with our Founder’s Food & Wine Pairing Dinners. It’s a culinary adventure curated just for you, offering a taste of luxury.
  • Become a Wine Event Instructor: If you’re passionate about wine and eager to share your knowledge, join our esteemed team of wine event instructors. Become an integral part of our wine community and inspire others.
  • Discounted Wine Courses and Classes: Elevate your wine expertise with discounted access to our wine courses and classes. Enhance your understanding of wine in a fun and engaging way.
  • Access to Wine School Properties (Coming in 2025): For those committed to the long-term wine experience, unlock the opportunity for discounted long-term leases in our executive suites above the wine school.
  • Midcoast Maine NWS Facilities Access (Coming in 2025): After 4 years of membership, escape to our VIP suites nestled in serene woodlands with beach access, hikes, and breathtaking views—a wine lover’s paradise.
  • National Wine School Newsletter: Stay informed with our exclusive newsletter, issued 2-4 times a month. This valuable resource, typically priced at $20/month, is our gift to you as a member.
  • $1 Last-Minute Tasting Classes: Embrace spontaneity with last-minute tasting classes for just $1. We prioritize our members, ensuring you never miss an exciting wine experience.
  • Online Community (Coming Soon): Join our upcoming online community where you’ll connect with like-minded wine enthusiasts, share experiences, and engage in wine-related discussions.
  • Free Online Class Access: Expand your wine knowledge from the comfort of your home with complimentary access to our 90-minute online classes. It’s a convenient way to enhance your wine expertise.

Remember, these perks are exclusively for our valued members. Join us today, and let your wine journey begin! There is a six-month minimum for all memberships.