Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Wine and chocolate are natural partners. Pairing chocolate with sympathetic wine flavors will make your mouth happier than it’s ever been. In this special class, we are pairing our favorite chocolates with some of our favorite wine styles.   You (and your mom)...

Wine and Pizza Pairing

Okay, so  John McKeever reached out to me a while back. Remember Delco Proper on Comedy Central? He was the director and star of that show. Apparently, he attended a class at the Wine School and had an idea. He wanted to do a food and wine show and wanted to do the...

Wine & Health through the Ages: A Medical Wine Knowledge Article

This wine knowledge article written by Keith Wallace of the Wine School was originally published by HealthFocus International in December, 2008 . HealthFocus is a marketing research and consulting firm specializing in consumer health & nutrition trends. Wine must...

Draft Magazine: Getting schooled at the Philly Beer School

“Philadelphia is to beer what Sonoma is to wine,” says Keith Wallace to anyone who’ll listen. Considering the source, the proclamation, perhaps incendiary outside Pennsylvania, might sound outright puzzling within city limits. That’s because in 2001, Wallace, a winemaker, wine columnist, and author of two upcoming wine books, founded and still runs Philly’s best-known vinology school. So why is he extolling his territory’s beer lust at the expense of its pursuit of viticultural knowledge?

Because, acknowledging a craft revolution, he’s invited beer to take a permanent seat at The Wine School‘s table.

Wallace’s partner, a burly bald man named Dean Browne, asserts the alliance as he introduces himself to a group assembled in one of The Wine School’s classrooms on an early March night.