sommelier secrets

Sommelier Secrets

You don’t get named a top sommelier by CBS and Philly Weekly without learning a trick or two. In this class, we let you in on the trade secrets that will change how you buy and …

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How to Become a Sommelier

How to Start your Wine Career There are five simple steps to start a career in wine. We will repeat these steps at least two times to give you an idea …

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Sommelier opening wine bottle

Sommelier Courses in America

The world of wine is wonderful. Sommelier training opens opportunities in all sectors, from the hospitality industry to retail, from education to marketing, from distribution to production. Wine jobs are not …

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How to Become a Wine Expert

Anyone can become a wine expert. With a halfway decent work ethic and a little support, you can do this. Wine is not rocket science. If you have the drive, you …

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Female vintner smelling glass of wine in vineyard

Getting a Job in the Wine Business

The wine industry is a big place with career options to suit many people, from producing wine to selling the wine. There is something out there for anyone. We have compiled the …

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Young elegant sommelier tasting red wine from one of glasses to check its quality and flavor

What is a Sommelier?

Becoming a sommelier is a goal for many wine lovers, prodded on by the many “SOMM” movies and tv shows.  It is now a career imbued with glamor and intrigue. Is …

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Frontpage Hero for Wine School of Philadelphia

Altadonna 2010 Nero d’Avola

Altadonna is a project by the well-known father & son winemaking team of Stefano and Niccoló Chioccioli. Their portfolio is a line of pan-Italian wines sourced from northern to southern Italy. While such …

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Frontpage Hero for Wine School of Philadelphia

Food & Wine Pairing Menu

Chef at the Wine School Part of my job running the Wine School is to create the menus for our food & wine pairing classes. That includes our food and wine …

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Philadelphia Daily News: Get a taste, and degree, for wine

If you don’t know a pinot gris from a pinot noir, resolve this year to become a wine pro.

With the popularity of movies like “Sideways,” a film about love and marriage set in southern California’s Santa Barbara County wine district, as well as increased interest among young professionals who are starting wine clubs and going to tastings, there’s no better time to sip and learn.

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Philadelphia Inquirer: The newlywed cellar

Making those choices would be a challenge for even a well-seasoned wine drinker. So I turned to several Philadelphia wine experts for advice – plus specifics on how they would spend that $500 – and discovered a wide range of strategies, styles, and considerations for tackling such a happy conundrum.
The first question each one asked, though, was probably the least sexy: What is the storage situation?

“If wines are not stored in a reasonably cool, dark environment, they’re not going to hold very well,” says Keith Wallace, founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia. “Even two years out, bottles can be compromised.”

Dealing with wine fridges or a genuine basement wine cellar is a project of its own that can easily devour hundreds of dollars. But it’s a necessary evil if you plan to lay an expensive bottle down for a decade or two.

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A Service Dog and Her Winemaker

This article is one of the few articles written about Keith’s life before founding the Wine School.  It prominently features Rosie, his dog of many years. Sadly, Rosie passed away in …

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer: Not all are toasting changes uncorked by LCB

It is a case of vintage revenge. Wine merchants in Delaware and South Jersey are now clearing shelf space for their old nemesis: Jonathan Newman, former chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

The “xChairman Selections,” as one shop calls them, are the discounted wines that Newman’s new company will introduce in Pennsylvania border states this month.

Newman had risen to the unlikely status of folk hero among Pennsylvania wine lovers, partly because of his celebrated Chairman’s Selection specials. But one year ago, he resigned in protest after Gov. Rendell’s controversial appointment of Joe Conti as chief executive officer of the LCB.

While Newman’s entry into the private sector is intriguing the sip-and-swirl crowd, it also casts a spotlight back on the LCB. The $1.69 billion-a-year agency has been the subject of skepticism and upheaval since Newman left.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal: Wine School is in.

The story was originally published by the Wall Street Journal on January 8, 2010. The article is reprinted solely for educational purposes.  It is intended to offer insight into the history of …

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