Casata Monfort 2006 “Blanc de Sers” Vigneti Dolomiti

Posted by Keith Wallace

Only in a region as culturally bisected as Trentino would you find a funky blend of the obscure – Wanderbara, Vernaza, Nosiola, Veltliner Rosato – and the familiar – Chardonnay, Moscato. Like the region itself, the wine represents a meeting ground of Teutonic and Italian varietals.

The Monfort cantina supports and buys from local growers to maintain the profile of indigenous grapes that would otherwise become extinct.

This wine, sourced from a dozen vintners, has a fruity nose of red grapefruit, pineapple, and orange blossoms backed by musky scents of forest greenery and a distinct aroma of sage. Crisp on the palate delivers lively peach, pear, and green apple flavors invigorated by tangy saline minerals. Solid, well-defined finish that adds sensations of citrus.

Interesting, decidedly eccentric, not easy to categorize – in other words, definitely Italian. Check out more wine reviews here.

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