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Our monthly wine newsletter offers a first look at our internationally recognized wine reviews and ratings. Plus, get the scoop on happenings at the Wine School along with the occasional sale or celebrity appearance.

Drink wine, get smart!

Our newsletter readership has grown exponentially. In 2001, we started with 100 people on our list. After five years, it  reached over 10,000 wine lovers in and around Philadelphia. Now, we reach over 40,000 people worldwide .

You get our a monthly wine newsletter with a first look at our wine reviews and ratings, as well as coupons and discounts for upcoming classes and programs. The newsletter will also features the best wine buys available at the moment. We never spam you, or sell your information.

Executive Access to Reviews

We also publishes our wine reviews here on our website. However, we give our newsletter readers a first look at our ratings and reviews. Most reviews on the website are published weeks after our wine newsletter readership had access to them.

Our newsletter readers always get the first crack at picking up wines. For really great wine deals, it’s essential to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

The Wine Report by Keith Wallace

All reviews are written by Keith Wallace. Named one of the top 5 sommeliers in Philadelphia by CBS News, he is a trained winemaker with a bestselling wine & food book under his belt. The Wine Blog Awards named his work as the “Best Wine Reviews”  online.

He is an editorial reader for the University of California at Davis, has contributed to the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course  and  The New Wine Lover’s Companion, (2nd to 4th Editions). He has also written for Philly Style, Food & Wine, the Daily Beast, and many other publications.

Samples from our Wine Newsletter

Here are two reviews that were featured recently in our monthly newsletter.

Reserve Mont Redon  2016 Cotes du Rhone Rosé

Reserve Mont Redon 2016 Cotes du Rhone Rosé

Mont Redon is one of those Chateauneuf du Pape wineries that totally messes with my life. They bottle wines like Zeus throws lightning bolts. bolts. A place that throws out muscle-bound luxury wines like Dwayne Johnson with a Harvard degree in Veni, Vidi, Verberavi....

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Vine Cliff Winery  2014 Chardonnay Los Carneros

Vine Cliff Winery 2014 Chardonnay Los Carneros

In most classes at the wine school, I behave myself. I don't let my deep love of Cali Chardonnay get in the way of a great wine class. Back when I was making wine in the late 90's, it wasn't outlandish a passion. Chardonnay doesn't show itself in the vineyard. If you...

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The Essentials of a Wine Newsletter

We think a wine newsletter should be fun, intelligent and to-the-point. Here are the basics of writing a great wine newsletter.

  • zero tolerance for pay-to-play wine reviews
  • no reviews in exchange for free samples
  • written by a respected wine authority
  • no outside advertising
  • no generic national brands

We only review wines that are available locally in Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware. We purchase all the wines we review, and we never accept free wine samples.

Our Wine Review Standards

We taste hundreds of wines every month. This is a wine school, after all. However, we only publish the best of the best. For every wine we recommend, we have tried a dozen other wines that were not up to our standards.

Every wine we publish must conform to our two major criteria for all wines. First, the wine must be an exemplary example of it’s type of of wine. In other words, it must rate 90 points or above. Second, the local pricing (typically in the PA Wine & Spirits Stores) must be below the market average. We typically only list wines that are at or below wholesale pricing.

Our Wine Buying Guides

Along with wine reviews, we also publish buying guides to help our readers become stone-cold sommeliers in their own right. One of the most important to read is our Chairman’s Selection Buying Guide. This is essential reading, especially if you pay wine in Pennsylvania. We also keep a list of the top wine shops in the Philly region.

Keith Wallace

Keith Wallace


Keith is the founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia.  A professional winemaker by trade, he went on to become one of the highest rated sommeliers in Philadelphia (CBS News).

For the past twenty years, he has earned a reputation as one of the brightest lights in wine education. Along with his tenured professorship at the Wine School, he has taught at multiple universities, Including Drexel and UPenn. He is also the chairman of the board of the National WIne School in Los Angeles.

Along with writing the bestselling book, Corked & Forked,  Keith has written for Philadelphia Style Magazine, Food & Wine, the Daily Beast, and many other publications. He is an editorial reader for the University of California at Davis Press. He has also contributed to Kevin Zraly's  Windows on the World Complete Wine Course  and  The New Wine Lover’s Companion, (2nd to 4th Editions). 

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