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Getting Started in Wine

Wine is a great hobby; it’s an even better career. The wine trade offers a surprisingly vast tapestry of work opportunities. Unlike other passions, it’s the one vice that pays well …

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Bad Cheese Pairings

Pulling off the right wine pairing can turn an otherwise mediocre dinner into a killer experience. The real test is when you find yourself laughing the night away; only later do …

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What is Terroir?

the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. Terroir, Oxford Dictionary The concept of “Terroir” has been embedded within …

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Frontpage Hero for Wine School of Philadelphia

What is Wine?

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I ask sommeliers this question? Invariably, I get one of the following three answers. Each time, a little part of my soul …

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All About Zinfandel For decades, Zinfandel was considered the all-American grape, an ultimate California wine. But there was always a mystery as to where it originated from. Starting in the 1960s, …

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Know Your Wine Bottle

Wine bottles are based on centuries of traditions. The wine trade is deeply beholden to those traditions. Even the largest multinational wine corporation (talking to you, Gallo) won’t mess this those …

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Wine Glass Recommendations

Unless you are planning to guzzle directly from the bottle, investing in a wine glass or two may be a good idea. Sure, you could use those little water glasses leftover …

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Wine Tasting 101

Tasting wine is fundamentally different from drinking wine: The goal of tasting is to form an appreciation for the wine and its components. This intrinsically precludes overindulging. If you do, you’ll …

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Wines for Beginners

Introduction For those of us in the wine trade, it’s hard to remember what it felt like to be a beginner. The nerves. The uncertainty. The fear of being judged. Being …

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Writers Don’t Understand Tannin When I was a winemaker in California, the very first question a customer asked me was “What is Tannin?” The question was also posed many times when …

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Wine Business 101

The wine business has unique traits without parallel in other markets. Wine is an agricultural product, but it’s also a lifestyle commodity; in some cases, wine bottles are collectible items, in …

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