Cabernet Sauvignon Smackdown

The top bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon reviewed at Epikur Magazine. From Tuscany to Bordeaux to Napa Valley and South Africa: This list includes the best of the best bottles of Cab Sauv currently available, and the ones with the best quality to price ratio.

Drunken Fairey

Street Artist Shepard Fairey Designs Labels for Drew Barrymore, Jose Cuervo If you  are of a certain age and a certain temperament, you will know Shepard Fairy as the outlaw artist behind the “Andre the Giant” posters that popped up across the country in...

Top Wines for Summer

Our current top picks for summer sipping. Light and refreshing is the key. It’s always great to keep things fresh and just a bit exotic, too. The following of wines is updated on a weekly basis, so make sure to check back for the newest selections for summertime sipping.

The Big Money Wine Myth

Is expensive wine a waste of money? Several studies have been released recently that calls into question a basic premise of wine buying. Most wine drinkers assume that the more expensive a bottle it, the better it tastes. This is a myth long been questioned by several...