Italy Vs Spain

Italy vs Spain

We are hosting an epic wine battle! In this exceptional class, we are pitting Italy versus Spain. These two titans of the wine world will wage a wine war to the …

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Italy Vs Greece

Italy Vs. Greece

In this wine tasting class, we pit two of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world against each other. It’s Greek versus Italian Wine. Is this a fair contest? One is …

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Italy Vs France

New! Italy vs France

You are invited to the heavyweight bout of the vinosphere.  France and Italy are going toe-to-toe in the tasting event of the season. Four rounds of wine-on-wine action will determine who will …

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Frontpage Hero For Wine School Of Philadelphia

Altadonna 2010 Nero d’Avola

Altadonna is a project by the well-known father & son winemaking team of Stefano and Niccoló Chioccioli. Their portfolio is a line of pan-Italian wines sourced from northern to southern Italy. While such …

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