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The Top Ten Wines for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is one of the best time to open a bottle of wine. The nights are warming up, but–at least here in the good state of Pennsylvania–there is still just enough of a chill to warrant a few glasses of good wine.

These wines will make great gifts and will be enjoyable by a wide range of wine enthusiasts, including -I hope- your mom. Make sure to bring a corkscrew, just in case she wants to share.

You can find these wines using the Wine Finder. If you live near Philly, a Wine School Gift Certificate is a great gift.

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut, Sonoma $8-12
A half bottle of this is perfect for Mother’s Day. A creamy sparkler with ginger and apricot notes and round apple crisp flavors on the finish.

Marques De Gelida 2002 Cava Brut
(Spain) $9-13
A great value sparkler in an overly flamboyant package. However, this is a fantastic bubbly for less than $15. Fresh & nutty with bubbles tiny enough to give your tongue acupuncture.

Domaine Le Fruitiere 2005 Muscadet, Loire (France) $7-11
Everyone should be drinking Muscadet at this time of year, especially your mum. Bright & round with a dash of hazelnut and herbs. Very satisfying with raw oysters on a warm spring evening.

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