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Posted by Keith Wallace

Back in 2011, the Wine School had moved from Fairmount to our Rittenhouse location. As part of the move, we brought in a new generation of wine instructors. This was the press release announcing our new hire.

We’ve always used the school as a place to mentor talent in the wine trade, and we expect our instructors to move into more lucrative careers in the food and wine space within a few years. We always give priority to applicants who have attended our wine educator certification program.

Philadelphia, PA. One of the better-known food and beverage bloggers in Philadelphia is now the newest member of the Wine School team. “Collin Flatt is going to be a great asset to the school,” says owner and founder Keith Wallace. “I hire only the best wine instructors available, and Collin has proven to me he has what it takes to play in the big leagues.”

Like many Fine Arts majors before him, Collin’s food and wine career was originally nothing more than a few gigs as a bartender. However, he pulled off the impossible. After several years in Rome and New York, he returned to Philadelphia as an industry insider. “This is my calling. I suck at everything else,” quips Collin.

Collin will remain a notorious figure in Philly’s culinary scene, along with teaching at the Wine School. Along with his well-known work as the editor of, he will continue in some less boisterous ventures. These include his work as a trusted broker in the fine wine auction market and as a consulting sommelier. In addition, he has recently teamed up with legendary chef David Ansill to redevelop the menus at Ladder 15.

Collin is the third well-known food and wine writer to join the staff of the Wine School. He follows in the footsteps of Brian Freedman and David Snyder. At one point, all three were students of the Wine School. “I am not sure if it’s a chicken-or-egg thing, but our Foundation program is a breeding ground for creative foodies. So go figure,” says Keith. “It sure helps that I don’t have to look far to find top-notch staffers.”

Join us at the Wine School of Philadelphia this spring and give a warm welcome to our newest authority on fine food and wine, Collin Flatt!

2 thoughts on “ Editor Joins Wine School Team”

  1. Stephanos,
    Really sorry to hear about this. Collin was an instructor at the Wine School for a short period of time and lost touch with him years ago. I agree with you that there is a depraved sickness in people’s delight in destroying small businesses. It’s pervaded so much of the culture today. It’s not just restaurant critics that are at fault, sadly.

  2. Collin Flatt dosent realize who he hurts out of personal opinion.
    I was a second generation self started pizza owner .
    Saved my money from 18 years old to finally open my dream.
    Equivalent to someone going to school and getting the credentials needed to Graduate with a mastes.
    So I’m 24 o finaly have the funds to open.
    It was a success I worked I branded I became a staple in an upcoming neighborhood, I was all about community and pride in ownership.
    I opened in 1999 it was the best year and sad year my father died 3 months before I opened.
    But determined to succeed I pushed through the growing pains.
    2012 I have my first child it becomes a family business.
    But 2012 Collin Flatt a man I never met never seen for fun and his opinion votes me the worst in my category I went instantly from busy healthy competitive and prosperous to what happend.
    2019 I was forced to sell.
    He isn’t the best when you hurt and not help.
    When asked by the public what there thoughts were only 6 people responded.
    But the damage of perceptions and false opinions killed my dream.
    Collin flatt is not what you think he is A weak and of poor character .
    Education is used to help not hurt people and families.

    Thank you for listening
    My Name is Stephanos .
    Beware of Collin he will do what he will for himself and discard who he hurts.


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