City Paper: NYE Toasts Uncorked

The story was originally published by the Philadelphia City Paper  on December 27, 2006.  NYE Toasts UncorkedAuthor: Amy Strauss1 Chimay Cinq Cents. Home Sweet Homebrew owner George Hummel recommends toasting with a bottle of …

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Associated Press: The perfect drink for the Super Bowl

During Superbowl season, beer and football almost seem like synonyms. But what if you or your crowd prefer wine?

Since most foods served on Superbowl Sunday – the usual array of chili, ribs, chips and dip – are salty, David Snyder, a wine instructor at the Wine School of Philadelphia, suggest high acid wines such as Champagne or sauvignon blanc.

“Champagne with potato chips goes perfectly,” he says. “High acid wine goes with salty foods because it’s going to moderate the saltiness. It’s a fantastic combination.”

But be careful when it comes to chili or ribs, especially if they’re hot and spicy. Low-acid whites, such as chardonnay, or high-tannin reds, such as cabernet sauvignon, react poorly with the heat.

“It will override the natural flavors and the food will end up tasting terrible,” Snyder says.

Frontpage Hero For Wine School Of Philadelphia

Decibel Wines

A Philly boy goes to wine school, moves to New Zealand, and becomes a winemaker. Philly’s own Danny Brennan started as a Philly bartender and ended up as a bad-ass winemaker …

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Wine Reviews

The top six wines for $15 were highlighted as tonight’s First Friday at the Wine School. A great list for the weekend binge purchases.

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The Science of Soil

I loved this article from the Lancaster Farming website by Chris Torres, “A Systems Approach to Organic.”It’s a quick and fascinating read about how California winemakers recently demonstrated to local growers …

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Food & Wine Pairings

“If I got anything out of this relationship, it is cheek meat.”A vignette from a book never finished. Check out our Food & Wine Pairing guides for more. SnapperWe will have …

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