Tasting Campania

Posted by Keith Wallace

We’ve dropped Italian Wine Pick of The Week in favor of a more suitable header, one which translates as “The Wine Corner.” A place not just for reviews but all things related to the wines of Italy. So…..

Southern Italy Rises Again

Campania is one of my favorite regions. Sorrento…the Amalfi coast…Ravello…terraces of vines and olive groves. Cuisine that showcases the bounty of forests and highlands along with abundance from the Mediterranean.

This is why I’m looking forward to this Thursday’s Premium Wine Class. Tasting Campania’s wines is a journey through two millennia of viticultural history, a stroll in a living museum of ancient varietals… and each with a story to tell.

We’ll be pouring a De Angelis Lacrima Christi beside Andrea Reale’s “Cardamone,” a blend of Piedirosso and Tintore. For comparison (or even better, contrast) two Aglianicos – the “Fidelis” from Cantine del Taburno and a “Naturalis Historia” by Mastroberardino. To top it off, among some offbeat surprises, one of Italy’s true cult wines, a Montevetrano from the hills near Salerno.

If you can’t make Italy this summer, this la dolce vita staycation is an enological consolation.

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