Wine School of Philadelphia

Riesling Review: Argyle 2007 Riesling, Willamette

A Riesling review from Epikur Magazine. The Argyle Riesling is a fun bottle of wine with just enough juicy white fruit to balance out the racy elements. A bit of ozone and salinity come into play in the midpalate. The floral and mineral components are mostly in the long and pleasant. finish. .A very nice bottle of wine, especially for the summertime.

Wine School of Philadelphia

Viognier Review: Angoves 2009 Nine Vines from Australia

A Viognier review from Epikur Magazine. Hands down, this is the bargain sipper of the moment. Angoves is one of the oldest wineries in Australia, dating back to 1892, and is still family owned. The “Nine Vines” label is their value line.

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