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Unlock a world of wine luxury with our exclusive membership. Enjoy VIP access to upscale wine events, indulge in gourmet Founder’s Pairing Dinners, and connect with wine experts. Plus, your loyalty pays off with membership refunds. Elevate your wine journey today!

Membership Benefits

$1 Last Minute Tickets: Members can seize amazing opportunities to attend wine classes at the last minute, offered numerous times throughout the year. These classes are not only popular but also an excellent way to deepen your wine knowledge spontaneously.

Free Online Class Access: With just a 24-hour notice, members can request Zoom access to any 90-minute class. This flexibility ensures you won’t miss out on learning, no matter where you are.

20% Discount on All Courses and Classes: Each member enjoys a significant 20% discount on all courses and classes, with the option to use this discount for one ticket per member per class. This makes continuous learning more accessible and affordable.

10% Off Online Sommelier Certification Courses: Members can take their passion for wine to a professional level through the National Wine School with a 10% discount on sommelier certification courses.

Sommelier Sensory Training Sessions: Scheduled on Sundays and available both online and in-person, these exclusive members-only events include sensory kits to enhance your wine-tasting skills.

Members Only Friday Nights: The first Friday of every month is reserved for members and a guest to socialize and enjoy good wine. These gatherings are casual, with no registration required, and you can BYOB and share with other members.

Bi-Weekly Wine Newsletter: Stay informed and inspired with the bi-weekly newsletter featuring the team’s favorite wines from the previous two weeks.

The Original Wine Club: Exclusive to members, this themed wine club adds an extra layer of engagement and discovery to your wine experience.

Food & Wine Pairing Dinners: These legendary BYOB dinners, crafted by former executive chef Keith Wallace, offer a gourmet exploration of food and wine pairings.

$100 Gift Certificate after One Year of Membership: As a reward for loyalty, members receive a $100 gift certificate after their first year, provided they are current members when attending classes.

$200 Gift Certificate after Two Years of Membership: The rewards double after two years of membership, with a $200 gift certificate offered to those who continue their wine journey with the Wine School.

Remember, these perks are exclusively for our valued members. Join us today, and let your wine journey begin! There is a six-month minimum for all memberships. 

Virtual Wine Classes

All live-streamed classes are free to our members. In addition, our members can attend any class (wine, spirits, beer, or culinary) online for free. You can attend a class online, even if it’s sold out! Contact us 48 hours in advance, and we’ll send you a Zoom link.

Free online classes do not include the sommelier courses at the National Wine School. We also do not stream private wine club events.

Upcoming Virtual Classes

philly wine club

Our original wine club started in 2005 and was open only to Master-level sommeliers and Level 5 wine course graduates. Known as the Cru Club, it was an elite institution with a remarkable membership. In just a few years it spawned a California wine club, a natural wine club, and a non-profit agency.

However, we sought to include a more diverse experience; we slowly changed the membership requirements over the years. We expected to get resistance to the idea of allowing all wine lovers to be accepted, but most of the original members loved the new inclusive ethos and remain with us today.

wine club at the wine school

During COVID, we transitioned to become an online wine club, which was a new and wonderful experience for all of us. We learned enough about video and audio to develop online wine courses for the National Wine School! To this day, we offer live online classes for all our members, streamed from our classroom in 4K video feeds and professional-grade audio.

Publications like Philadelphia Magazine hail the wine club as one of the best wine events in Philadelphia. We focus on fun but smart wine events. Our club does have a reputation for having brilliant wine people, and there is an expectation that everyone brings amazing wines to our events. To help out our members, we give them a 2o0 to 25% discount on all classes and courses they attend while members.

Wine Club 5 scaled
Organic Wine Club Event!

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