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The Wine School is a storied institution in Philadelphia, and one of the best ways to be involved is to become a member. You can enjoy the best of the Wine School in an intimate and exclusive setting; only our members and their guests can attend invitation-only wine events at the school. There are many more benefits, most of which are listed on this page.

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School Membership Benefits

  • Members-Only Monthly Wine Club
    Rub shoulders with the most awesome wine lovers in Philly!
  • Members-Only Food & Wine Events
    New! BYO Dinners for Members and Guests.
  • $1 Last-Minute Tasting Classes
    When we have a last-minute opening, you’ll be invited to attend for a dollar!
  • $20 off All Tasting Classes
    Discounts are applied for all tickets purchased, guests included.
  • $75 off Sommelier Courses
    Discounts are applied for all in-person wine courses.
  • Six Month Membership (Minimum)

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The Wine Club

Each month, we host our wine club: the most beloved benefits of being a member. Everyone is encouraged to bring a bottle from their collection (or a nearby wine shop) that conforms to a specific (often tongue-in-cheek) theme. Then, after a decadent few hours, you vote for the top wine of the evening. The group is a lively mix of wine collectors, accredited sommeliers, and wine enthusiasts. No matter your skill level, you will be embraced by our diverse and eclectic band of wine lovers. To attend, go to the “Register for Free Membership Events” at the bottom of this page.

Night School: An Evening in the Wine Cellar

Once a month, we open up the wine school’s cellar to share a selection of fun, rare, and eccentric wines with our members. Host by the school’s Founder, Keith Wallace, this evening is a delightful way to spend an evening. The event itself is hosted in the school’s primary classroom, with wines sourced from its extensive wine cellar. This is an evening of one-on-one conversation and education. To attend, go to the “Register for Free Membership Events” at the bottom of this page.

World-Class Wine Consulting

All Level Two members are given special access to the Founder of the Wine School, Keith Wallace. Keith is a winemaking consultant and serves on the board of directors of the National Wine School. If you have a wine question, he’s the best person on earth to answer it. His typical rate is $250/hour, which is an invaluable resource for our most loyal members.

Support the Wine School

Being a member is the best way to support the school’s mission of inclusivity and education. Our members ensured the school’s survival through the COVID-19 pandemic, and in turn, this is one of the reasons our members are given so much in return. Dues-paying members of the Wine School have more access to the school and its leadership than anyone else; they influence the projects and programs the school is involved in.

10 thoughts on “Wine School Membership”

  1. Does the wine club membership require any annual commitment or can it be cancelled anytime after I sign up?

  2. I am a new “club” participant (less than a month or 2). Do I need to do something to convert over to being a Member? If so, what do I need to do to make this conversion? I cannot find it anywhere on your website. I live in Rochester, NY and am mainly interested in attending virtually your evening sessions. Thanks so much. .

  3. I’m a wine club member. I can’t go to the wine club get together but don’t know how to cancel my spot or let anyone know. Is it possible to attend it online?

    • I’m leaving this up here for anyone seeking to reach out to the Wine School. We don’t see or respond to comments. If you need to reach out, please contact us via the “Help” link at the top of the page.

  4. I am reading that Virtual Wine Classes are 100% free for your members, but when I try to sign up for the NAPA & Beyond (Online reservation) I will be charged, $19.99. It’s the same with the Wine 101, and others. Can you help me with this?

  5. I’ve logged in but can’t get a ticket to the Night School because I’m been redirecting back to the log-in page.


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