Sommelier Classes in Philadelphia

Extraordinary Sommelier Certification From The #1 Ranked School

The Wine School offers an extensive range of sommelier classes in Philadelphia designed for both beginners and professionals. Our programs provide a comprehensive understanding of wine, from the basics of tasting to the in-depth knowledge required for sommelier certification.

Core Sommelier Classes in Philadelphia

Embark on your journey to earning the National Wine School’s sommelier pin with our Core Sommelier Program, a combination of both the Foundation and Intermediate courses.

Foundation Course: This course is your first step towards sommelier expertise. Ideal for wine enthusiasts and aspiring sommeliers, it introduces the art of wine tasting and sensory evaluation. Learn to identify wine varietals in blind tastings, understand the distinction between Old and New World wines, and delve into the science and craftsmanship of winemaking. Through interactive classes and a comprehensive final exam, you’ll develop the skills to appreciate and articulate the complexities of wine.

Intermediate Course: Continue your wine education journey with an in-depth exploration of global wine regions. From the historic vineyards of Europe to the innovative estates of the New World, this course offers a deep dive into various wine cultures and styles. Engaging activities, tastings, and a final project on comparative wine analysis further enhance your understanding and appreciation of the global wine landscape.

Together, completing these two courses as part of the Core Sommelier Program is essential for those seeking to earn the prestigious sommelier pin from the National Wine School. This combined program offers a comprehensive and immersive experience, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in the world of wine. Join us to transform your passion for wine into recognized expertise.

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National Wine School

Advanced Sommelier Classes in Philadelphia

The Advanced Sommelier Program offers a comprehensive path to achieving the Advanced Sommelier Pin. This program is designed for individuals who have completed the Core Wine Course and are looking to delve deeper into the world of wine, extending up to Master level qualifications.

Students must complete four Advanced, Specialist, or Master-level credentials to earn the Advanced Sommelier Pin. Each segment of the Advanced program grants a unique certification. For example, participating in the Spanish Wine Specialist program awards the Advanced Spanish Wine Certification. It’s important to note that students can earn these individual world-class certifications without completing the entire Advanced Sommelier program.

The program encompasses a wide range of advanced and Master-Level Programs, such as American Wine Specialist™, Italian Wine Specialist™, French Wine Specialist™, Scholar of Wine (Neuroenology), Food & Wine Scholar™, Essential Master in Wine™, and many more, including Specialist in Spirits™ and Scholar of Modern Wine™. These programs offer focused expertise in specific areas of wine and beverage studies.

Sommelier Classes in Philadelphia

The Top Wine School in America


Master in Wine Certification

This certification requires a substantial commitment and deep understanding of wine. To qualify, students must first earn their Advanced Sommelier Pin, which involves completing four semesters in the Advanced Program at the Wine School of Philadelphia. Following this achievement, they must undertake an additional four semesters of specialized study under the National Wine School’s program.

This intensive journey to Master in Wine Studies™ certification aligns with the rigorous standards and prestige of similar master-level programs like Master of Wine (WSET) and Master Sommelier (CMS). Each of these certifications, trademarked by their respective organizations, represents the pinnacle of wine education, demanding an exceptional level of commitment and expertise.

Attaining the Master in Wine Studies™ is an extraordinary feat, a benchmark that only about 1% of sommeliers achieve. This rarity underscores the difficulty and dedication required to reach this elite level of qualification, marking it as a significant achievement in the professional wine community.

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The Wine School is a great place to build knowledge and pursue your passion.

M. Branton, Sommelier

I highly recommend the Wine School. It is the place I earned my credentials.

J. Collier, Winemaker.

We would never be where we are today without your class.

S. Bond , Restaurateur

National Wine School

A Leader in Wine Education and Certification

The National Wine School (NWS) sets the standard for excellence in wine education across the United States. As a leading wine certification agency, NWS offers programs that align with the highest national standards for wine education. This ensures that students receive a comprehensive and up-to-date wine education that is recognized and respected nationally.

Partnering with the Wine School of Philadelphia, the National Wine School provides a pathway to professional accreditation in the wine industry. While the Wine School of Philadelphia imparts the knowledge and skills essential for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike, it is through the National Wine School that students achieve nationally recognized sommelier certifications.

Diverse and Inclusive Learning Community

The courses at the Wine School of Philadelphia, under the umbrella of the National Wine School, attract a wide array of students. From retired CEOs to bartenders, war correspondents to professional winemakers, our classrooms are a melting pot of experiences and perspectives. This diversity enriches the learning experience, fostering an inclusive environment where a shared passion for wine bridges gaps between different backgrounds and professions.

Pathway to Professional Certification

Attending our courses does not require prior professional certification, making wine education accessible to all who are interested. For those aiming to attain formal recognition in the wine industry, the National Wine School is the gold standard. Their certification is a testament to the expertise and dedication of wine professionals, and it holds significant value within the wine trade.

NWS Sommelier Certifications
Diagram of NWS Sommelier Certifications

The Fine Print on Sommelier Classes in Philadelphia

Under Vermont law, the National Wine School is duly recognized as an institution for sommelier education. Pursuant to 22 Pa. Code § 73.42, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania exempts sommelier certification programs, such as those administered by the National Wine School, from any requirement of licensure. This exemption is predicated on the equivalence of the term ‘sommelier’ to ‘butler,’ a profession expressly exempted under Pennsylvania state regulations. All examinations requisite for said certifications are conducted online via the National Wine School’s servers. Certifications are subsequently conferred through the states of California and Vermont, in compliance with their respective legal and educational statutes

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