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We offer both beer brewing classes and beer tastings! Learn to make great-tasting beers at Philly’s brewing school, or sit back and learn about beer from our top beer instructors.

About the Philly Beer School

Beer Brewing Classes Near Me

Never in the long history of drinking have beer lovers had it so good, with a brewing renaissance happening around the globe. The Beer School is your guide to the vast and beautiful beers of the world. We offer classes for every level of beer lover: from the enthusiast looking to develop their palate to the home brewer looking for best-in-class beer brewing classes.

The Philly Beer School is the region’s top school for brewing and tasting classes. Philadelphia Magazine named us the “Best Adult Education Program” and “Best of Philadelphia.” In addition, we have been featured in Draft Magazine, US News, Ziptopia, Philly Beer Scene Magazine, and FSR Magazine.

Best of Philadelphia

US News

Best Adult Education School, Best of Philly

Philadelphia Magazine

A pioneer in using education to simultaneously deconstruct and advance the mystique of craft beer.

Draft Magazine

Beer Tasting Classes

Along with our “Best of Philly” beer brewing classes, we offer tasting classes. These classes are lively, comprehensive, and fun! The Philly Beer School is a place to learn about beer in all its glory. This is the school for beer lovers with a thirst for knowledge.

In some classes, we demystify beer by breaking down the grains, yeast, hops, and techniques that cause beer’s flavor to spin in thousands of directions. In others, we take you through a series of easy-to-understand flights. Finally, some classes focus on a specific beer country, and we guide you on an excellent beer-tasting tour. In almost all beer brewing classes, we romp through beer history, styles, and thirst-provoking stories.

Our instructors are funny, engaging, and brilliant: you never quite know what’s coming next. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we only pour the finest craft beer, either. Our philosophy is that the best way to learn about beer is by pouring the best beer available and studying them.

Even if you are a seasoned beer connoisseur, our classes cover beer in such breadth and depth you will never be bored. At the same time, our enthusiasm on the subject –who doesn’t love great beer?– makes it seem fresh and new again.

Beer Brewing Classes

Beer Brewing Class

At its core, the Beer School celebrates the joy of brewing great beer. Our brewing courses are for everyone: the passionate beginners love our simple-but-complex style;  intermediate brewers are excited by our ability to go deeper; and for true geeks, learning from a master brewer instills inspiration in every class.

From mastering brewing an Imperial IPA to a classic Saison to crafting your recipes, the Philly Beer School will help you reach your goal. Our instructors are talented brewers who will lead you toward brewing nirvana. So come and take a flavorful tour through the world of craft brews with the Philly Beer School!

Learn how to brew beer at home from start to finish, from extract brewing to all-grain and beyond. Our programs include the secrets to fermentation, and pro tips on making great beer. So throw away your Mr. Beer and become a  master homebrewer.

We offer a range of brewing programs for understanding and making beer. From ales and lagers to saisons and sours: Everything you need to be a successful home brewer is taught. Learn the basics of building a home brewery, craft beer from world-class proven recipes, and learn brewing techniques from knowledgeable instructors. Our people are so knowledgeable they are cited in scientific journals.

Beer Brewing Classes & Course Levels

Fermentation & Hops: Level One Beer Brewing

This hands-on brewing program will teach you all the steps needed to brew excellent beers at home. Make great beer the very first time! In level one beer brewing, you will learn how to make great beer on day one. You’ll be brewing your first beer within the hour, under the tutelage of a master brewer-instructor.

This class will give you the confidence to brew great beer. This course is the start of your brewing journey!

All Grain Brewing: Level Two Brewing

This course introduces advanced techniques in all-grain brewing. In level two, you will learn the essential techniques for all-grain brewing and mashing. You’ll learn how to craft complex beers in a clear and approachable way. You will learn the brewing theory you’ll need to expand your skills. By the end of this class, you will be able to brew classic beers.

Building Beers: Level Three Brewing

Learn how to brew highly technical beers and craft your recipes to become a pro brewer. In level three, you will learn how to develop your recipes, proper malt selection. You will have a crash course in water chemistry and expand your palate to become a certified brewer. By the end of this program, you will be able to develop and craft your high-quality brews.

Beer Brewing Classes Online

The NWS Fermentation Sciences Division offers an online brewing certificate as part of their MiW program.

Cancellations Policy for Beer Brewing Classes

If a student cannot attend a course, they must notify us at least thirty (30) in advance before the start date. With due notice, the student has the following options: first, transfer the registration to another person approved in advance by the Wine School; second, receive a  non-refundable credit on account, which you can apply toward another course. At the discretion of the school, reasonable administrative costs may be deducted from the total credit. 

If a student does not give thirty days’ notice, a school administrator may offer a refund at the administrator’s sole discretion. The total of any refund will be no greater than 25% of tuition paid, minus any class fees and reasonable administrative costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a brewmaster?

There are two ways people become a brewmaster. The first is to take a beer-making certificate program followed by an internship. The second way is simply to work at a brewery and work your way up the ladder. The former takes much less time, but the latter gives you a broader scope of experiences in the beer trade.

Is beer brewing a good career?

Beer brewing can be a well-paying career for people who enjoy the work. You won’t ever become rich brewing beer, but the work is mentally and physically challenging, and a lot of fun.

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