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Eleven Wine Blogs to Follow

Posted by on August 21st

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The wine industry wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for some of the fantastic wine blogs we had access to today. Whether to inform us about serious wine matters or to relate better to new-wine-lovers, there is something out there for everyone.

We’ve put together a list of 11 wine blogs to definitely keep track of: For informative news and a little drinking humor! That said, if you are looking for wine reviews and recommendations and you live in the Philly region, make sure to check out our wine ratings and reviews. 

wine folly's blog

Wine Folly

Wine Folly is one of the most well-known and loved blogs, with good reason. This blog created by 3 wine-lovers has just about anything you can imagine: From simple guides and How-to videos to a comprehensible breakdown of wines and pairings.

Their vivid illustrations draw you in – and their knack for writing keeps you intrigued throughout.

our hope is that more people see wine not just as an adult beverage but as a way to explore the world and themselves.

For any newbies, this blog is the one to check out. https://winefolly.com/blog/

sip on this juice

Sip on this Juice

A widely popular wine enthusiast, Amy Lieberfarb’s blog has over a hundred thousand followers. Amy covers topics around food, wine, travel, facts, tips, reviews and digs deep into the production of wine.

Her style is great because she writes informatively and straight to the point without adding unnecessary fluff. She was also in the Top 25 Wine Influencers in 2016 & 2017. Her blog should be at the top of your radar if you want to follow the wine seriously. http://siponthisjuice.com/

Tim Atkin Blog

Tim Atkin

Considering how big the ‘Tim Atkin’ brand is, it would be scandalous not to mention his blog here. Although most would imagine his blog indigestible by the ordinary wine-lover, Tim has an extremely light, easy manner in which he writes.

He does have in-depth posts about a wine of the week, tasting notes, wine regions, and wine cultivars (so it does appeal to those who are wine connoisseurs), but it reads easy and leads you into a part of the industry only an expert like him could write about. One of our favorite Masters of Wine.   http://www.timatkin.com/

Wine Turtle Blog

Wine Turtle

The creators of the Wine Turtle blog stated that “No good wine will come from rushing through it; much better to take your time and enjoy every last bit of it. That is why we are Wine Turtle.” The Wine Turtle covers wine tips, tricks, and ideas – and has some of the most unique and detailed topics.

Some of their articles review wine coolers and glasses and elaborate on the actual need for these accessories. Serious wine collectors and drinkers can enjoy this blog. They also cover Helium-infused Wine (who would have thought?)  https://www.wineturtle.com/blog/.

Wine Spectator Blog

Wine Spectator

One of the larger blogs, Wine Spectator, is better for those deeply involved in the industry’s logistics. The posts include interviews with winemakers, reviews of wineries, tasting notes, and wine tips. Keep a wine dictionary handy while reading the jargon-heavy articles. It’s perfect for those who need a more serious, formal blog about the wine trade.  https://www.winespectator.com/blogs

Dr Vino's Blog

Dr. Vino

Dr. Vino won two awards in 2007 for Best Wine Blog and Best Wine Blog Writing.  Tyler Colman has been a powerhouse in the wine world ever since.

Dr. Colman runs an informative and serious blog. The content here is focused more on the pressing matters of the wine industry: Carbon footprint, wine buying tips, and wine import tax. If that is your cup of tea, be sure to check out this blog. World of Fine Wine mentioned that Mr. Vino was “One of the fresh voices taking wine journalism in new and important directions.”  http://www.drvino.com/

1 Wine Dude's Blog

1 Wine Dude

Heading back to some humorous styles, this blog by Philly native Joe Roberts has a range of topics, including a weekly review of a range of wines. His focus is on tasting notes and whether the wine would be worth trying. This is important for those looking for direction on wines to try in the future.
His writing, however, is clever, witty, and shockingly honest; take a look for yourself:

Jané describes his wines as “unplugged” (hence the yeah-yeah-I-get-it-cleverness of his company moniker.)


Rockin Red Blog
Rotie Cellars 2013 “Northern Blend” Red, Walla Walla

Rockin Red Blog

Michelle Williams, who has written for several popular magazines, started this blog and immediately hit the Top 100 most influential wine bloggers list. Her posts have everything from wine travels to narrowing down on specific wine cultivars and quite interesting wine pairings. This blog is also great for those seeking wine reviews and comparisons to try out!  https://rockinredblog.com/

wine explorers

Wine Explorers

Wine Explorers is a fantastic blog for anybody who enjoys the idea of wine beyond the ordinary. This team of 5 wine-lovers made it their life mission to travel the globe and taste wine from every corner. Thus far, they have tasted 4130 wines, visited 396 wineries, and explored 65 countries. Their articles are informative and entertaining throughout with the most beautiful and enchanting photography. The blog explores regions and countries most would never consider, like Vietnam and Cambodia. Their posts dive deep into the region’s history, culture and terroir; and lead the reader right into that “world.”

wine and sommelier

Wine & Sommelier

A great new blog from a few master-level sommelier candidates. The articles are well-written and insightful. Where sites like Wine Folly are all about click-bait, this site focuses on magazine-style articles with great layouts and in-depth wine topics. The site includes instructional videos, how-to guides, and plenty of wine content. For someone looking for more in-depth knowledge, then we suggest checking out Wine & Sommelier: https://www.wineandsommelier.com/.

Sediment Blog


CJ and PK (as they are known) are the masterminds behind this entertaining wine blog. After our diet of wine news, it’s refreshing to be immersed in their humor and relate-able stories. Their writing style is raw and honest – and their stories range from wine glasses, being fed up with white wine to rants about the industry. It is truly entertaining and a nice break from formal writing.

Here is a little snip-it from one of their most recent pieces:

These Vocalisations I make on first sampling a beverage:
– …I’m getting loose boxes…spent matches…guacamole…
– You could use it for cooking
– Shit, sorry, I’ll get a cloth

Sadly, Sediment closed up shop in 2020.

So, whether you are just looking for someone to relate to your daily wine-drinking struggles or a serious, informative blog about the industry, one of these blogs above should give you exactly what you are looking for!

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  14. Their articles are informative and entertaining throughout with the most beautiful and enchanting photography. The blog explores regions and countries most would never consider, like Vietnam and Cambodia. Their posts dive deep into the regions history, culture and terroir; and lead the reader right into that “world.”

  15. Those are some really great blogs! I follow Vincarta and Winefolly. Their posts are quite insightful and interesting to read.

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