Seeking Wine Educators

Posted by Keith Wallace

We are seeking our next generation of wine educators in Philadelphia and beyond! If you want to be part of our community, now is the time to act!

Wine Educator

We are on the hunt for wine educators. People who can run wine events, teach classes, or open a wine school. This is not just for Philadelphia, but New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.

As of this year, we are the national testing site for wine teachers. Our need for visionaries and wine lovers has never been greater, both locally and nationally. If you desire to be part of the wine world, it’s time to get involved.

The certification requirements are very simple: earn your core sommelier certification and attend the NWS wine educator seminar held in Philadelphia. You must also be a member of the National Wine School, the Wine School of Philadelphia, or another affiliated school.

Wine Educator Jobs

Work as a Wine Instructor

Being a wine instructor is one of the most satisfying jobs. Teaching and tasting is a magical experience. It’s been a way of life here at the school for over twenty years. Our full-time jobs are teaching about wine.

Run Wine Events

Wine events are a well-established gig for wine educators. We ran at least two weekly wine events for the first decade of the Wine School’s existence. When run correctly, wine events are both profitable and fun. We now outsource these events to our graduates.

Open a Wine School

The ultimate goal of any wine educator is to open a wine school. Owning your facility and running accredited sommelier programs is the dream career. Running a wine school can mean financial stability, industry respect, and a world of wine to explore.

How To Become a Wine Educator

There are only two ways to teach wine for a living: be overqualified or be certified. At the wine school, our wine educators historically have been professors, winemakers, or one of our students. As a result, our top instructors have always had two things in common: they had their core sommelier certification and completed teacher training.

Core Sommelier Certification

This National Wine School program is the bedrock of thinking critically about wine and the wine trade. To be considered for a wine educator position, you must attend this program in person. To be a good instructor, you need to learn from the best, and only the top 1% of wine instructors are allowed to teach this essential wine course.

Wine Educator Certification

The only way to unlock the knowledge and skills to be successful in the wine trade is to earn your wine instructor certification. This program gives you the tightly kept secrets of how to maximize revenue, how to teach like the country’s top wine instructors, and –most importantly– how to succeed.

The Other Way

If you prefer not to go the credential route, you can still rise through the ranks of wine educators. To qualify for this route, you must have taught at the college level for at least three years, held a high-level position in a regional wine company for at least five years, and run wine events professionally for a minimum of two years.

National Wine Educator Testing Site

Apply for a Wine Instructor Position

#1 Certification Requirements
To qualify for a wine educator position at the Wine School of Philadelphia or the National Wine School, you must have completed the Core Sommelier Certification in person. While this program is offered as an online wine course, you must take this class in person to qualify for a position. You must also complete the Certified Wine Educator program and be a member of the Wine School.

#2 Headshot, Bio & Contact Information
In your application, please include a high-quality headshot (1080Ă—1080 px minimum), a short bio (400 words) for publication, and contact information for clients.

Positions Available
Featured Independent Wine Instructors Our shortlist for recommended wine instructors. Want a fun side gig or a way to launch your wine career? This is your best best. We have hundreds of requests for private wine events, and we use this exclusive list to make recommendations. Run your events, earn income, and manage wine events as you please.

Wine School Owner. If you want to open a wine school like the Wine School of Philadelphia, now is the time. Opportunities are available in NYC, DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and several other cities. Capitol expenses in the five figures are required, so this is only for the committed.

How To Apply
Send us the requirements above (#1 and #2) and the position(s) you are interested in. We will follow up with all qualified applicants in 1-3 months.

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