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Over two thousand wine reviews! While most of our reviews focus on great wines under $20, we also offer reviews of luxury and collectible wines. As we are located in Philadelphia, most  wines reviewed here are available via PLCB Wine & Spirits Shops in Pennsylvania. Our main reviewer is Keith Wallace, the executive director and founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia.  

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This is where we feature all our favorite things.  Great wines, top sommeliers, awesome winemakers, great articles,  and charity events at the Wine School. If we really love it, or we think you should know about it, it’s going to be right here.

October Newsletter

  The National Wine School is opening up it's new Wine Scholar and Advanced Sommelier programs to our students.  First up is the Food & Wine Scholar program, which is being held on Mondays, from October 16th to December 4th, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. This wine course...

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Psyched for Wine

Psyched for Wine I am always scouting for great wine writers, and I think I just discovered a fresh new talent.  The blog Psyched for Wine is written by master-level sommelier candidate who is also a clinical psychologist.  Ever wonder about the effect that psychology...

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Selections from our Wine Cellar

A few wine reviews from our archives. 

Bouchaine 2009 Pinot Noir Carneros

Who are the Bouchaines?  It doesn't really matter at this point. It was the maiden name of one of the original partners in this winery. The important question is who are the Copelands? If you are from Delaware, you probably already know.  They are well-known philanthropists in their home state. The founded...

Casa Lapostolle 2010 ”Cuvée Alexandre” Merlot

This is a delicious wine styled to be  both plush and pretty.  First is the rich ruby color with glass-staining extraction. Then the aromas of red berries and tarragon traced by a whiff of black pepper. The fruit keeps up the action on the palate, with plum and raspberry the most predominate flavors. A savory note of...

Bodegas del Rosario 2006 3000 Anos, Bullas

From Murcia, the native home of the Monastrell grape, comes this beautiful beasty. More muscle and punch than a roomful of angry kickboxers. Nose of tobacco and fresh sweat keeps this wine a bit on the sinister side. However, the layer cake of fruit gives this some much needed frosting. In the end, it's a masterful...

Robert Young Winery 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Scion Estate in Alexander Valley

When students ask me where they should visit when traveling to Napa Valley, I'll rattle off a few wineries. If someone asks me if they should go to Sonoma or Napa, I'll always lead them towards the former. Take Robert Young winery. The winery is a barn, and the family lives in the farmhouse next door.  It's humble in...

Chamisal Estate 2011 Pinot Noir, Edna Valley

Way back in 1973, Chamisal was the pioneering winery in Edna Valley. Owners and varietals have come and gone, but one thing has remained constant: Pinot Noir from Edna Valley is awesome. This is a rather obscure AVA located in California's Central Coast, tucked between Paso Robles and Arroyo Grand, but much closer to...
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