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Over two thousand wine reviews! While most of our reviews focus on great wines under $20, we also offer reviews of luxury and collectible wines. As we are located in Philadelphia, most wines reviewed here are available via wine shops in Pennsylvania. Our main reviewer is Keith Wallace, the executive director and founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia.

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The Wine School Blog

This is where we feature all our favorite things.  Great wines, top sommeliers, awesome winemakers, great articles,  and charity events at the Wine School. If we really love it, or we think you should know about it, it’s going to be right here.

The 10 Best Wines of 2017

The (PLCB) Fine Wine and Good Spirits Edition This past year was a fantastic one for those of us living in Pennsylvania, at least for wine.  The first independent wine shops started cropping up all over the state, and a handful of state-run stores finally found their...

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Top Ten Wine Shops in Philly

Buying good wine in Philly can be a challenge. The prices are too damn high. Most of the folks working in the stores know more about Barefoot Cellars than Bordeaux.  It would be very reasonable to despair. But don't despair: we have your back. We have compiled the...

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Our Wine Tasting Kit

Each element of our tasting kit is custom designed by the executive director of the school. The package includes a BYO wine bag, a lead-free crystal wine glass, sommelier corkscrew, silver pen, and tasting book. Wine is not included in the kit.

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December Newsletter

The December Newsletter Friends, the holidays are upon us. It's time for all of us to transform into hybrid Santa-Sommeliers. To start off the Holiday newsletter, I've crafted a super-corny jingle for you: Pop the corks and spread the cheer: Let us be part of your...

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Selections from our Wine Cellar

A few wine reviews from our archives. 

Pillar Box 2008 Red

For a wine so damn cheap, a lot of rock star winemakers have been attached to this project. For the geeks, that means Aussie powerhouses Kim Jackson and  Chris Ringland, for starters. For the rest of us all there is to ask is WHY? Well, you don't  even need to ask that question, just WHERE CAN I BUY IT? This is one...

Sella and Mosca 2005 Marchese di Villa Marina

Sardinian Wine Review This bottle of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from 2005 is an excellent example of  a beautifully aged red. While in it's youth, this bottle offers massive amount of fruit and aggressive tar flavors, it has turned supple and refined with age. On the nose,  jasmine, wild flowers, and game open into...

Tenuta Belguardo 2007 Belguardo

This property is located in the ancient lands of the Etruscans, today known as Maremma. Over the past twenty years, this coastal region of Tuscany has emerged from history to become the epicenter of the Super Tuscan movement. Warmer than the rest of Tuscany, Maremma is well suited for Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a...

Carneros Hills 2013 Pinot Noir, Carneros

The winery is a project of Jackson Family Wines, and this 2013 Estate Pinot Noir is its debut vintage. A very new winery, but it's built on some seriously historic dirt. Carneros Hill is built on the site of the original Buena Vista Winery. In 1857,  Agoston Haraszthy (the grandfather of California wine trade)...

Chateau Leon 2010 “Cuvee Prestige” Cadillac Cotes de Bordeaux

Back in January 2013, I favorably reviewed the Chateau Carignan 2005 “Prima” Cotes de Bordeaux.  At the time, I had also tasted their regular un-Prima 2009  bottling. Like most wines I try, I opted to not review it: it was good, but not exceptional. Because of that, I didn't expect anything much from this wine,...
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