Isabella 2016 Bobal, Ribera del Jucar

Posted by Keith Wallace

Isabella 2016 Bobal, Ribera del Jucar
Isabella 2016 Bobal, Ribera del Jucar

This is a small wine region that most wine maps forget to include (I’m talking to you, Wine Folly). That’s not unexpected, actually, as hundreds of tiny and obscure wine regions don’t make the cut. Ribera del Jucar is next to the more famous (and that’s not saying much) Manchuela DO. The claim to fame for both of these wine regions is a local varietal, Bobal.

Bobal has always been used locally as a blending grape, but it’s becoming more common over the past decade to offer it as a single-varietal wine. This particular bottle is a great introduction to the grape. The price can’t be beaten, and it’s super gulp-able. Soft tannins and medium-bodied, this is a gulp-able wine with plenty of vanilla-spice and big red fruit. It’s a crowd-pleaser, to be sure.

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