Terre Nera 2005 “Calderara Sottana”, Etna

Posted by Keith Wallace

The volcanic soils of the Etna DOC, like those created by the ancient activity of Campania’s Vesuvio, impart to its wines an expression of southern Italian power and flavor. The zone’s climate is unusual for Sicily – cooler, above-average moisture, more continental than the arid Mediterranean.

That makes it prime real estate for Nerello Mascalese, an aromatic and spicy, deeply black grape found in Faro DOC blends. Terre Nera’s unfiltered wine has an added touch of Cappuccio. It is fresh and complex with layers of dark berries and well-defined fruit flavors, mostly black cherries, and plum. The varietal aromatics of herbs and spices are enhanced by alternating scents of smoke and damp mushroomy earth.

This is a style of wine we don’t see enough of from Sicily – on the mark and true to its origins. As the island’s producers continue to hone their Old-New World crossover profile, it’s satisfying to find a wine of authenticity. More Sicilian wine ratings and reviews.

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