Tomas and Giesen “Munir Bianco” 2006, IGT, Sicilia

Posted by Keith Wallace

Cataratto is one of the most widely planted grapes in Italy. It accounts for over half of Sicily’s vineyard acres and is known primarily for use as a bulk wine grape or as part of the blend for Marsala.

The Lucido variety grows in the Alcamo DOC near Palermo. Low in sugar and acidity, it characteristically makes soft, mellow, undistinguished wines, not unlike other whites found throughout Italy.

Thankfully, “Munir” is produced outside the box of DOC regulations. This 100% varietal has an exotic, fruity nose with floral undertones. Peaches, melon, and lemon oil pop up on the slightly effervescent mid-palate. Savory minerals and herbs add zest and freshness to the unoaked, pure mouthfeel. This is no lightweight, showing ample presence despite the low level of acidity.

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