wine educator

Seeking Wine Educators

We are seeking our next generation of wine educators in Philadelphia and beyond! If you want to be part of our community, now is the time to act!We are on the …

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Master of Wine

Mastery of Wine

Be A Master of Wine All of our programs are offered through the National Wine School. If you are interested in wine education and how the levels of sommelier certification work, …

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wine tasting france

Top Upcoming Wine Classes in Philly

Here are a few of our favorite upcoming wine classes in Philly! This list includes the top wine tastings as well as sommelier courses. Top 10 Wine Classes in PhillyWine Class …

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master in wine - master of wine

Wine Tasting Classes for Fall

France vs South AmericaPart of the ongoing series of wine tastings devised by the brilliant Alana Zerbe. Take two great wine countries, toss them into a battle royale, and see who …

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Colorful abstract painting of people enjoying wine together.

Wine Tasting 101

Tasting wine fundamentally differs from drinking wine: Wine tasting aims to form an appreciation for the wine and its components. This intrinsically precludes overindulging. If you do, you’ll never remember what …

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summer wine school

Summer Wine School

Spending your summer in the Italian Riviera, then this isn’t for you. Vacationing in Rioja? Stay put. Touring Sonoma with a winemaker friend? Don’t change your plans. Everyone else, pay attention!Summer …

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getting started in wine

Getting Started in Wine

Wine is a great hobby; it’s an even better career. Getting started in wine is the best idea you will ever have. At least, it was for me! The wine trade …

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champagne cheese

Bad Cheese Pairings

Pulling off the right wine pairing can turn an otherwise mediocre dinner into a killer experience. The real test is when you find yourself laughing the night away; only later do …

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What is Terroir?

the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.Terroir, Oxford DictionaryThe concept of “Terroir” has been embedded within wine culture …

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Colorful Cabernet wine bottle and grapes illustration.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Explained

Take a look at a list of the best-scored wines globally; browse the web for the most expensive reds in the market, or browse the top-shelf section of your local wine …

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Colorful "What is Wine?" artwork with a wine bottle.

What is Wine?

What is wine? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I ask sommeliers this question? Invariably, I get one of the following three answers. Each time, a tiny part …

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Colorful abstract wine bottles with artistic designs.

Know Your Wine Bottle

Wine bottles are based on centuries of traditions. The wine trade is deeply indebted to those traditions. Even the largest multinational wine corporation (talking to you, Gallo) won’t mess with those …

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Colorful abstract wine glass artwork.

Wine Glass Guide

Unless you plan to guzzle directly from the bottle, investing in wine glasses is a good idea. Sure, you could use those little water glasses leftover from college, or you could …

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Group of six good friends toasting with wine glasses in cozy kitchen during a dinner party

Wines for Beginners

For those of us in the wine trade, it’s hard to remember what it felt like to be a beginner. The nerves. The uncertainty. The fear of being judged. Being new …

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