Summer Wine School

Summer Wine School

This August, the Wine School is hosting it’s 10th annual Accelerated Summer School.  Earn your wine certification, taste great wine, and meet other people who share your passion. It’s a week that will change your life.

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Summer Wine School Schedule

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The Ultimate Philly Wine Week

This isn’t a vacation, but it’s not a staycation, either. You will be fully immersed in wine education, tasting wines, discussing flavors, and learning to develop your palate under the tutelage of a world-class sommelier-instructor.  It is a brilliant way to spend a week in August.

During Summer School,  we offer the Foundation and Intermediate certifications in a single intensive week.  You can also combine both of these classes into the CORE wine program and earn your sommelier certification via the National Wine School.

For our postgraduate students, we offer our Advanced Old World Master Class. If you are aiming to earn your Advanced Sommelier Certificate or even your Master-Level Sommelier Certification from the National Wine School, this is the program for you.

All four of these wine courses typically take a full semester. In the summer accelerated format, classes are held every day for an entire week, rather than a full semester of night classes.

Summer school never tasted so good!

America’s Top Sommelier Instructors

Instructors at the Wine School are the best in America. Each has a decade of experience training sommeliers. They are also best-selling authors, professional winemakers, and wine critics.  These are the very same instructors that have launched the careers of many sommeliers and winemakers.

If you want to learn about wine, these are the people you want to entrust your education to.

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