Summer Wine School

Summer Wine School

Summer Wine School in Philly

The academic school year is coming to an end at every other respectable institution, but here at the Wine School of Philadelphia it is time for Summer School!

This August, the Wine School is hosting it’s 9th annual Accelerated Summer School.  It doesn’t matter if you are a good student or a slacker, learning will never be more fun…. or faster. You can earn your Level III Certificate in a week while tasting wine, or even take an Advanced wine course.   Not a bad way to spend a week in August!

In the Accelerated Summer School,  we offer the Foundation and Intermediate certifications in a single wine-intensive week.  We also offer an Advanced course for our postgraduate students. All three of these programs typically take a full semester. In the summer accelerated format, classes are held every day for an entire week, rather than a full semester of night classes. Summer school never tasted so good!

Summer Wine School Schedule

Accelerated Foundation Course
Level 1 & 2 Wine Certification
August 22nd to 27th at 5pm

Accelerated Intermediate Wine Course
Level 3 Wine Certification
August 22nd to the 27th at 7:30pm

Accelerated Core Program
The Foundation and Intermediate combined into a single program!
August 22nd to the 27th at 5pm

Accelerated Advanced Spain
Level 4 Wine Certification*
August 14th-19th at 7:15pm

* Four semesters in the Advanced program are required for Level 4 WS Certification. This programs satisfies the requirements for one semester.