Summer Wine Suggestions

Posted by Keith Wallace

To desire wine is to throw oneself into a lifelong adventure that will never be fully satisfied. And The Wine School – with its no-frills and down-to-earth manner – has been providing wine tastings throughout and for all seasons. This July, the school recommends those wines that make the perfect quaff for all your summer occasions.


Late spring and early summer see the ushering in of Rosé wines. As these wines have gained popularity, so have other countries become interested in producing Rosé wines from the grapes for which they are well known.

Tempranillo Rosés from Spain, Malbec Rosés from Argentina, and Syrah Rosés from Australia and California. All delicious, to be sure, but for the money and the experience, those Rosés from the Provence of France are the best value. These delightful wines burst with flavorful, fresh fruit notes tend towards a light dancing acidity and end in a smooth, luscious finish. Perfect for sipping on the back porch with friends.


For a refreshing pick-me-up, there is nothing better than bubbles. Champagnes, as delightful as they are, are quite expensive. But those Proseccos hailing from the Veneto region of Italy – specifically those from Valdobbiadene – are the perfect substitute.

Proseccos from this region are vibrant and crisp and cost a fraction of what a nice Champagne cost. It is also the main ingredient in the Bellini – a perfect summer cocktail consisting of 4 oz Prosecco and 2 oz peach puree. Fun, fresh, and refreshing.


To assume that only lighter wines should be consumed during the summer wine months is a mistake: Big red Zinfandels from Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Paso Robles, California, make the perfect go-to wines for grilled red meats.

And the subtle and earthy Chinon from the Loire region in France is unmatched when paired with a perfectly cooked hamburger. Cru Beaujolais – with their minimum tannins and light alcohol content – pair wonderfully with roast chicken and grilled salmon. They also drink beautifully with a variety of cheeses.

Because so many kinds of wine are produced worldwide – and fantastic and interesting ones at that – one can spend a lifetime and still never taste them all. And because summer is the season of relaxation, vacation, friends, family, and gatherings, it is also the perfect season to expand your wine knowledge. So go to your adventures, and be sure to delight your palate along the way.

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