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Botromagno Primitivo, Gravina

Posted by on June 10th

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The Botromagno winery is located in an area more known for white wines from a grab bag of Malvasia, Trebbiano Toscana, and Greco di Tufo among others. The source for this varietal Primitivo is an ancient vineyard near the centrally positioned town of Gioia del Colle in the upper Murgia. The soils are a mixture of terra rossa over limestone (as in Australia’s Coonawarra), giving the wine power without sacrificing acidity. 

This wine has a classic Mezzogiorno nose of earth, tar, and woodsy fruit. Don’t expect finesse in this rough and rustic package that fills the mouth with dark cherries and blackberries. Earthy herbs and spices form a background for soft tannins that turn just mildly bitter at the end.

There’s no mistaking this for its DNA cousin Zinfandel, especially when paired with hardy local pasta topped with vegetables and spices, dusted with ricotta salata. Or tangy lamb-based dishes.

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