French Wine Regions

France’s history with wine dates back to the 6th century BC when the city-state of Massalia (modern-day Marseille) began trading wines with other Mediterranean cultures. Viticulturally speaking, it remained a backwater …

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Famous Heart shaped wine road in Austria / Slovenia in summer, Heart form - Herzerl Strasse, vineyards in summer, Spicnik tourist spot

Austrian Wine

Austria is well known for Mozart, Schnitzel, Sacher torte, and The Sound of Music, but are you aware of its viticulture? During the 19th century, Austria’s wine industry boomed, but many …

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Frontpage Hero for Wine School of Philadelphia


Welcome to Turkey Turkey, surprisingly, has the fifth largest vineyard area – not just in Europe but in the entire world – of 517,000 hectares. However, the vast majority of the …

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