Belhara 2019 Estate Malbec Mendoza

Posted by Keith Wallace

Belhara is a small estate in the Uco Valley district of Mendoza that has been producing very polished wines over the past few years. This bottling is an excellent example of their personal and regional style. Beautiful aromas of crushed fruit and herbs follow a whiff of burnt clove. The structure is linear and taut, with the fleshiness of Malbec only being released in the finish. This wine is a buttoned-up and serious bottling that deserves to be served with prime rib.

Rating: 90 Points | Pricing: $9.99 (in PA, YMMV)

4 thoughts on “Belhara 2019 Estate Malbec Mendoza”

  1. This wine is nothing like description above. The aroma is very light with little fruit, but, I can find the clove. The structure is linear, not in a good way, but rather in that there are no typical Malbec flavors and no complexity at all. The wine is weak, so light as to be almost pink in color, astringent in the mouth and with so little fruit it is not worth drinking. Maybe it is “buttoned-up”, maybe it was stored improperly as can happen in the State Store system or maybe it is a bad bottle. Whatever, is is not worth buying at any price! Two of us tasted this wine with the similar impressions.

    • Your experience with lower priced Malbec is the same as mine. Way too tanic. In 2020, just as Covid hit I was in Mendoza for the purpose of tasting some of the good Malbec producers. I had this discussion of one of the winemakers about the tannins in Argentinian wines. To my surprise, she smiled and said that Argentinians like the tannic aggressive finish on their Malbec. So maybe you need to be from Argentina to appreciated this wine.
      On another note I would also say I tasted and acquired some wonderful Malbecs. Try Achaval Ferrer’s Bella Vista which can be purchased in our State stores. However, be prepared to spend at least $100 or more.Its worth every penny. Long on the pallet, round and a true representative of the Malbec grape


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