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The Proof is in the Nose!

A new study bolsters the science behind our Wine Foundation Program.

The January Issue of the peer-reviewed science journal Nature Neuroscience has published an article entitled “Mechanisms of scent-tracking in humans.”

Until now, the common belief within the scientific community was that humans had a poor sense of smell. The article submits evidence that people can track scents through an open field like a bloodhound.

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Wine School of Philadelphia

Of Bubbles and Guilt

As the holidays recede ever further into the distance, and as the Thanksgiving-to-New Years need to dull the pain of all that happy-happy family time subsides, Champagne and other sparklers begin to fade from the collective radar. After all, the logic goes, bubbly is for festive occasions, so why would you ever want to pop the cork of a bottle during these depressingly short sled-dog days of winter?

Simple: Because you should. Because bubbly goes really well with more foods that you imagine. And because claiming that sparkling wine is just for special occasions is just as ridiculous as saying that red wine only pairs well with meat.

It is, I think, a two-fold problem. First, the popular culture—and the Madison Avenue ad execs—have painted bubbly into a bit of a corner: We’re told that a celebration doesn’t count as such unless a bottle of it is popped. So does that mean that it’s gauche to open one when it’s just, say, an ordinary Tuesday night?

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