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Spontaneously Exploding Prosecco (Video)

Fox News(June 18, 2014) – Exploding wine bottles in Pennsylvania are prompting a recall this morning.The bottles of 2013 Indigenous Selections Prosecco Brut are spontaneously exploding before wine drinkers can even …

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Associated Press: Taking wine as gift shouldn’t be a chore

It’s a look wine shop clerks know well. That overwhelmed, glassy-eyed stare that afflicts people as they wade through aisle after aisle of wine in search of the right bottle to bring to a party.

But arming yourself with a little advice and doing a bit of planning can make it easy to break out of the wine shop stupor and get the right wine for the right event for the right price.

Step 1: Relax. It’s just wine. And most shops are jammed with great $10 bottles, so it’s hard to make an awful choice.

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