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On October 31st
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For a wine so damn cheap, a lot of rock star winemakers have been attached to this project. For the geeks, that means Aussie powerhouses Kim Jackson and  Chris Ringland, for starters. For the rest of us all there is to ask is WHY? Well, you don’t  even need to ask that question, just WHERE CAN I BUY IT? This is one of those bottles that over delivers for the price point.

The wine is two-thirds Shiraz, with Cabernet and Merlot filling in the gap. Jammy and juicy, it hits the big points and leaves the nuances to another bottle of wine. Sweet blueberries on the nose, with a touch of spice and mocha. On the palate, it is fulled bodied and round, with black fruit flavors that are a bit reduced, to a wisp of menthol smoke, kinda like a Kools. Finishes big and bold and jammy.

A current trend in Aussie winemaking is to have small wine companies that produce a  half dozen or more  wines under different labels.  Instead of a winery name , you have inventive brand names. Pillar Box is part of a series of wines  that reference the regional Australian postal service, all made by the same company:  Henry’s Drive, Parson’s Flat, The Trial of John Montford, Dead Letter Office, The Postmistress, The Scarlet Letter, and Morse Code.