Pear Valley 2007 Syrah, Paso Robles

Posted by Keith Wallace

Pear Valley is located on the east side of Paso Robles,  right smack in the middle of it all. The winery is new, newer than this wine (it wasn’t built until 2008). However, the vineyards of Pear Valley date back a decade.  This is one of Paso vineyards’ sunnier and warmest parcels and very suited to high quality and aggressively priced luxury wines.

This is a wine used at the Wine School of Philadelphia in some of our introductory classes due to its excellent quality-to-price ratio and varietal correctness. It also makes for a great glass of wine.

Inky and smoky, like a blueberry with a bacon fetish, this wine starts with a savory quality that is punctuated with aromas of quince. Medium to full-bodied, it hits the palate both round and tannic. Notes of clove and nutmeg follow the deep dark fruit flavors, and then comes the flavors of burnt earth and lavender.

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