Our First Wine Reviews

Posted by Keith Wallace

Some of our first wine reviews. Check out the pricing!

Ravenwood 2002 Monte Rosso Vineyard Zinfandel, Sonoma Valley
$17.99 in PA ($25 outside PA) PLCB Code 13804
A definite must-buy for Zin drinkers. Dense and full-bodied, the wine uncorks with an explosion of deep black fruit and freshly roasted coffee beans. Rich but soft tannins carve out a core of caramel & chocolate that is quickly filled with a spicy finish. Damn fine.

Markham 2003 Zinfandel, Napa Valley
$10.99 in PA ($17 outside PA) PLCB Code 13770
Soft & fleshy with a core of fresh raspberries and a grapey nose of black pepper. A very good value for zin.

Pedroncelli 2004 Mother Clone Zinfandel, Sonoma
$9.99 in PA ($14 outside PA) PLCB Code 13855
A decent little bottle of Zin for the price. I add this wine to my “best buy” section with great hesitation. The last time I reviewed a Pedroncelli wine, it was quite negative, and the powers that be at the PLCB had a major hissy fit. I still haven’t forgiven them yet.

Newton 2001 Unfiltered Merlot, Napa Valley
$17.99 in PA ($44 outside PA) PLCB Code 12219
A Merlot for Bordeaux drinkers. Wet earth & allspice underpin the enticing aroma of smoked plums. Well balanced fresh cherry notes and tannin deliver a multi-layered experience.

Viberti 1999 Barolo Riserva “San Pietro”
$29.99 in PA ($50 outside PA) PLCB Code 23559
Lovely room-filling aromatics of wilted violets, dried roses, and lilac… and roofing tar. This is a classic cru Barolo and at its peak. If you ever find yourself noshing on wild boar sausage with white truffles, this is definitely the bottle to have. Make sure to invite me over, okay?

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