Mesa 2006 “Buio”, Carignano di Sulcis, Sardinia

Posted by Keith Wallace

Those Sardinian wines that don’t compromise cultural fidelity have a feral, not-for-everyone quality that evokes their rocky and wind-swept terroir—a sense of mystery, intrigue, the unknown – which is a translation of buio.

Mesa’s carignano may not hold dark secrets, but it will satisfy those looking for full-bodied, earthy authenticity. Aromas of game and woodsmoke surround dark cherries and berries, with hints of macchia, that island mix of wild herbs and flowers.

The decision to forego malolactic fermentation has left rough edges, making this an unapologetically rustic wine. Concentrated and solid on the palate, it picks up some warmth on the finish. It has the stuffing to complement an insular cuisine more influenced by its rugged interior than its coastline.

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  1. Yes, Was my favorite of the 8 tasted in class this week(Global Wine Studies – Italy). Deep dark fruit, earth, herbal, old world, long smooth finish. Nice pick !


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