Smoke Taint

Posted by Keith Wallace

California is no stranger to wildfires.  But recent years have been exceptional by all accounts.  Fires swept through wine land, leaving many growers worried about “smoke taint.”  And in these strained times, it has left many wineries wondering how much to talk about the problem publicly.  As one insider puts it:  “The worry is the old saying:  Never tell a kid not to put a bean in his nose.”

This past Sunday, The San Francisco Gate published “Wines’ smoky taste a memento of the year of fires” – an interesting article that discusses various methods available to winemakers for filtrating smoke taint – some are highfaluting, others are as simple and traditional as using egg whites.  The article also hears arguments from those who believe it best to leave the grapes and the taint alone – for better or worse; this folk accepts that Mother Nature (and her whims) are just as much a part of terroir as the dirt in which the grapes are grown.

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