Wine Gift Guide

Posted by Keith Wallace

The Party Gift

Peachy Canyon “Incredible Red” Zinfandel
It’s big, it’s jammy, it’s easy. Nothing says drunken holiday party like a half dozen of these puppies. Not responsible for any drunken acts of, ahem, holiday cheer. $7.49

Impressive, but inexpensive

Chateau Rauzan Despagne 2008 Bordeaux Blanc
Sounds and looks like it costs a wad of cash. A great gift for those folks you want to impress, but don’t actually want to spend money on. $11.99

For the Aunt with a Sweet Tooth

Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray
We all have at least one sugar hound in our lives. The holidays are the perfect time to kick her/him off that nasty Blue Nun habit. Sweet but complex, just like me (cough, cough). $12.49

For the Too-Cool Sibling

Spice Route Pinotage
For the hip young wine drinker who sneers at the conventional taste. Sure, it sort of tastes like a Persian Fig, and a Havana Cigar had a love child. That’s kind of the point.

For the friend who drinks crappy wines

Chateau Mont Redon 2007 Cotes du Rhone
This will turn even the most adamant of Yellowtail drinkers into fine wine lovers. It’s so damn good; it will convince the cheapest wino that they should spend an extra $5 to have a phenomenal wine experience rather than their usual boring tipple. Also, make sure they check out our wine classes.

For the Grumpy In-Laws

Rizzi Barbaresco
It’s a classy wine, but with just enough of a rough edge to keep those overly judgemental folks feeling vaguely uncomfortable. Every sip is like deliciously addictive sandpaper. Also a good choice for any passive/aggressive holiday shopper.

For the Adventurous Foodie

Dom Phillipe Vincent Jaboulet Crozes Hermitage
If your giftee thinks tucking into a bowl of pig snouts and duck tongues is heaven, this is the wine they will adore. It smells like ripe venison studded with bacon and juniper berries. The lively fruits root around the palate on the palate with a fair amount of forest floor and granite.

For The Boss/Teacher/Authority Figure You Secretly Have a Crush on

William Knuttel “Clone 777” Pinot Noir
A sensuous and lithe bottle of wine, it’s earthy enough to get the point across. This is also a great holiday dinner wine, with its balance of briar and earth and potpourri and just a touch of allspice.

For The Boss/Teacher/Authority Figure You Secretly Despise

Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
Sometimes you have to spend money to make the point that some people only care about money. This is the de-facto wine of every stuffed suit in America. Nothing says overpriced mediocrity than a bottle of Silver Oak.

The Romantic Partner (Lover and/or Spouse)

Sabon “Reserve des Oliviers” Chateauneuf du Pape
There is no better wine to share while luxuriating in front of a fireplace. Fresh fig, tobacco, chocolate, and a burning core of black fruit: this is an exotic and mystifying bottle that will heat the coldest winter night.

For a Childhood Friend

Ceretto Barbaresco Bernadot
Maybe it’s creepy that I am suggesting a Barbaresco for both a close friend and the in-laws. However, this particular bottle replaces that vague sense of discomfort with pure and soulful flavors. This is the bottle to drink while eating at an Italian BYO and reminiscing about high school hi-jinx. Just don’t get the wines mixed up, or you will be sending seriously mixed signals.

For Any Giftee who Loves to Share

Antucura Cavulcura
At the Wine School, we love this Cabernet blend from South America. We’ve been giving them out as gifts left and right so that we can have another glass. Its unctuous fruit and cigar box and mocha and sweet vanilla are way too addictive. Vino-crack, anyone?

Drink well!

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