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Wine Classes

Taking classes at the Wine School is fun and education. To take advantage of our tasting classes to the fullest, we suggest taking a series of classes that both fit your schedule but also maximize your enjoyment and knowledge. Of course, if you are really serious, we strongly suggest enrolling in the Core Wine Program.

We offer three sections of wine tasting classes (Learn about Wine, Wine Essentials, and Luxury).  You can take these classes in any order you prefer: we design with the assumption that there will a wide range of students in every class, from newbies to sommeliers. We do recommend taking classes from each section.

We list only a small example of classes we offer on this page. For a listing of current available classes, please go to our Wine Tastings Classes page.

Take The Wine Quiz

Another great way to figure out what type of wine class you should take is to take our wine quiz. Keep in mind this is no ordinary quiz: this quiz isn’t designed to fluff your ego. It will give you an accurate overview of your wine knowledge level. Even Master Sommeliers find it challenging.

Wine Quiz: Test Your Wine IQ

Luxury Wines

Luxury Wine Classes

These classes are designed to highlight the best wines of the world. We strongly suggest taking at least three of these classes to round out your wine studies.  For a full list of upcoming Luxury wine classes, click here.

  1. Sommelier’s Guide to Pinot Noir
  2. Sommelier’s Guide to Cabernet Sauvignon
  3. Top Wines of the Years
  4. Brunello & Beyond
  5. Bordeaux & Beyond
  6. Rioja & Beyond
  7. Priorat & Beyond
  8. Eight Wines to Try Before You Die
  9. Napa Valley
  10. Champagne




Learn About Wine

Learn About Wine

The building blocks of wine knowledge are right here, so don’t miss out on these wonderful classes. We suggest taking between two and four classes in this section. For a full schedule of our Learn About Wine Classes, click here. The following is a selection of our Learn About Wine Classes.

  1. Discover Your Wine Style.
    Learn what you like and why. More… 
  2. Wine 101: Learn About Wine 
    The classic intro class. More…
  3. Sommelier Secrets
    Tricks of the trade. More…
  4. Great Wine Made Simple
    Learn to Read Wine Labels. More…
  5. The Wine Trials
    Learn about wine ratings. More… 
  6. Wine Smarts
    A primer on wine language and terms. More… 
  7. World Atlas of Wine
    The eight essential wine regions. More… 
  8. The Essential Grapes
    The most important wine grapes. More…


Wine Essentials

Wine Essentials

It is suggested a student take between four and eight classes in this section. For a comprehensive understanding of these subjects, we recommend taking the Intermediate Wine Program.   The following are a selection of our available classes. For the full calendar of our Wine Essential classes, click here.

Topical Wine Classes

These classes are designed to highlight important ideas and concepts that any wine lover should be familiar with. We recommend taking the Wine 201 class and at least one more wine class.

  1. Wine 201: A Winemaker’s Guide to Wine More…
  2. Rare and Exotic Wines More…
  3. Bubbles! The Sparkling Wine Class More…
  4. A History of the World in 8 Glasses More…
  5. American History in 8 Glasses More…

Regional Classes

These classes focus on important wine countries, and this also includes our popular “Versus” series of wine classes. Taking at least two regional wine classes is a very good idea.

  1. Wine Lovers Tour of South America More…
  2. Italian Wine Class More…
  3. American Wine Academy More…
  4. Spanish Wine Academy More…
  5. French Wine Class More...

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