Castelli del Grevepesa 2015 “Clemente VII” Chianti Classico

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Castelli del Grevepesa 2015 “Clemente VII” Chianti Classico
Castelli del Grevepesa 2015 “Clemente VII” Chianti Classico

This tale starts with our protagonist leaving their sylvan homestead in search of their destiny. With an eye to making their mark in the world, they make their way to a sprawlingly romantic city on a hill.  After trials and tribulations, they succeed, but not in a way that people will resent their good fortune.

This particular story is about Gualtiero Nunzi, who founded his namesake winery in the 19th century in Tuscany and retired to the great city of Florence. His family kept the tradition alive for two centuries. His great-grandson Gualtiero Armando Nunzi then founded the local winery cooperative in 1965, Castelli del Grevepesa, which has been a Wine School favorite for several vintages now.

Wine Review

The 2015 Chianti Classico tops that list. Sangiovese has several personalities. At times, it can be aggressivo e tannico, but other times it can offer up fiori delicati e profumo. In this incarnation, it is delicate and complex; the perfect partner for Pici Cacio e Pepe,  or any other fresh-and-simple Tuscan pasta.

Don’t mistake its lightness for simplicity. Darkly aromatic, it’s crisp red fruit is buttressed with cloves and cigar smoke.  Wet earth and thinly boned tannins make for a dramatic finish.

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