Castelli del Grevepesa 2011 “Clemente VII” Chianti Classico

Posted by Keith Wallace

This Tuscan co-op winery is making a habit of featuring its wines in the Chairman’s Selection. I am not complaining. The 2010 Chianti was amazing, and their Super Tuscan was a great buy, too. If anything, 2011 is even better.

Castelli Del Grevepesa 2011 Clemente Vii Chianti Classico
Castelli del Grevepesa 2011 Clemente VII Chianti Classico

This is an old-school style of Italian wine. There aren’t any chocolate or vanilla flavors. No big spice or any voluptuous textures. It’s just badass fruit. Excellent Tuscan Sangiovese made most straightforwardly and uncompromisingly. However, this isn’t a crowd-pleaser unless you are hanging out with some seriously awesome folks.

Freshly cured leather, funky barn, and cigar box rise about dark fruit aromas. Bright cherry zaps the tongue and pushes into a complex matrix of earl grey tea, dried plums, and camphor. The finish moves towards crushed basil and ends where it began: with leather.

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