Julia's Dazzle Pinot Gris Rose Columbia Valley 2017

Julia’s Dazzle Pinot Gris Rose Columbia Valley 2017

Don’t judge this wine by its bottle.  This is the type of packaging I’d expect for a White Zinfandel geared towards functional alcoholics that sell bedazzled dog leashes on Esty.  This is not such a wine: it’s a project by winemaker Gilles Nicaul of Long Shadows winery in Washington State’s Columbia Valley.

This is a seriously good rosé, a skin-fermented pinot grigio from a single vineyard in Horse Heaven Hills.  This is a beautiful wine that is this closer to an orange wine in technique than the fermented sadness that is white zinfandel.

Every spring and summer I pack my fridge with delicious rosés. I expect bottles of this wine will be gracing my top shelf from now to August. Sage and apple-skin aromas are followed by rich textures and freshness. Flavors of wild strawberry and tangerine are complicated with a hint of herbs and spiced coconut.