Zenato 2008 Ripassa Classico, Veneto

Posted by Keith Wallace

Zenato is a large-scale operation near Lake Garda in northern Italy. Despite their size, the company has consistently put out excellent –if occasionally anodyne—wines in Valpolicella.

Vintage after vintage, the Zenato Amarone is an excellent, highly sought after, and rather expensive wine. A personal favorite, however, is the significantly lower-priced Ripassa. For this wine style, grape skins from the Amarone are repurposed into a new batch of red wine.

Aged in French barrels, the Ripassa is mostly Corvina, with a small amount of Sangiovese and Rondinella. It comes across as a deft balance of Belgian chocolate and espresso beans, with a velvety texture and a rich infusion of blackberries and just a touch of rustic charisma. Full-bodied and decadent: a very sexy bottle of wine. More Italian wine reviews.

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