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Wine Reviews: The Essential Guide

As long as there’s been wine, there have been wine reviews. In Roman times, Pliny the Elder was adept at identifying the best wines in the empire. A good review from …

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Wine Tasting at Home

Spend a few minutes listening to a sommelier speak about wine, and they will soon have you dazzled with their talk of aromas and bouquets, unknown wine valleys, and silky tannins. …

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Wine and Pizza Pairing

Okay, so  John McKeever reached out to me a while back. Remember Delco Proper on Comedy Central? He was the director and star of that show. Apparently, he attended a class …

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The Six Worst Food and Wine Pairings

Suffer from bad food pairings? Don’t worry: we learn from failure, not from success. And although food and wine pairings are subjective and depend on the people’s tastes and preferences, some …

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Italian food and wine pairing

Italian Food and Wine Pairing

Italian food is beloved everywhere. Because of that, you will see sommeliers pairing Italian dishes with wine from nearly every country globally. For example, a good Chilean Sauvignon Blanc will match …

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Glossary of Wine Terms

Have you ever gone wine tasting and had no clue about anything anyone was saying? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our glossary of wine terms. For a full breakdown of …

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Wine Jobs

Want to Work in the Wine Industry? Discover Your Dream Job and How to Get It!Wine Professions for EveryoneThe wine industry offers a myriad of career opportunities to suit your aspirations. …

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Philly Who?

A few years ago, I sat down for a deeply personal interview with Kevin Chemidlin, the host of Philly Who? This is unlike any other interview I’ve done in the past 20 …

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Wine Reviews

Soléna Estate “Grande Cuvee” Pinot Noir, Willamette ValleyThis is a must-have bottle of Pinot Noir. On the nose, classic bramble and wild strawberry with just a hint of jasmine. The palate …

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The Top Wine Blogs Today

The wine industry wouldn’t be the same without some of the fantastic wine blogs available today. Whether informing us about serious wine matters or relating better to new wine lovers, there …

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Wine Reviews

Wine ReviewsAll wines are available at the PA Wine & Spirits Stores. To find bottles near you, we suggest using our Wine Finder App: Herold 2014 “Collide” Red, CaliforniaDespite drinking like …

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What is a Sommelier?

Becoming a sommelier is a goal for many wine lovers, prodded on by the many “SOMM” movies and tv shows. It is now a career imbued with glamor and intrigue. Is …

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Portuguese Wine Regions

Introduction to Portuguese WineOnly in the last few years has the wine-drinking public realized there is more to Portuguese wines than Port and Madeira. This was primarily due to the ubiquitousness …

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Wine Reviews

 Mazzei Belguardo Serrata ToscanaBelguardo’s vineyards are on the Tuscan coast, much warmer than the more traditional vineyards in the central hills. This makes for some very modern, ultra-ripe versions of Sangiovese, along …

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