Wine and Pizza Pairing

Posted by Keith Wallace

Okay, so  John McKeever reached out to me a while back. Remember Delco Proper on Comedy Central? He was the director and star of that show. Apparently, he attended a class at the Wine School and had an idea. He wanted to do a food and wine show and wanted to do the pilot at the Wine School.  He introduced me to the star of the show, Mary DeAngelis, and we hit it off. I think that’s pretty obvious from when you watch.

This is a QVC2 show, so they are hawking wine, which of course I was grumpy about. After this pilot made, I did get an offer to be a guest host on QVC proper(seriously!). That would be a crazy career change, so I’ll stick with teaching and writing. It was a blast working with John and Mary. They really put together an amazing TV show.

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