Recommended Wine Buys

Posted by Keith Wallace

Our few recommended wine selections. Also make sure you have the perfect wine glass to make the experience truly memorable.

Vionta Albarino (Spain)

An aromatically complex white with plenty of white fruit flavors (you know, apple & pear) along with a core of racy acidity. Wonderfully refreshing green herb & dandelions on the nose. It smells like a perfect summer day, or at least how a perfect summer day in my dreams.

Mastroberardino Fiano Di Avellino Radici

A few thousand years ago, the Romans called this the “Wine of the Bees.” The description is nearly perfect to this day. While bone-dry, this medium-bodied wine is rich with honey & nutmeg flavors, with a rich -nearly sticky–mouthfeel. Excellent finish.

Nozzole “La Forra” Chianti Classic Riserva

Not the first time on my “must buy” list. I am not ashamed of repeating myself. I will mention this classic every time it comes back into inventory

Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno ( Italy)

My top pick for the month is this little beauty. A Sangiovese/ Montepulciano blend, this hails from the Piceno district of Tuscany. Leather and lavender dominate the nose and dense red fruits on the palate, followed by accents of baking spices and black cherry.

Norton Privada (Argentina)

Another great year for this Bordeaux-style blend. Espresso, earthen smoke, and white pepper on the nose. Unctuous & dense on the palate, with a serious tannic mouthfeel. The dark fruit veers to the jammy and migrates towards complexity—roasted game, anise, currant on the midpalate, and bitter chocolate and plum on the finish.

Goundrey “Offspring” Shiraz (Western Australia)

It doesn’t deserve the high ratings it received from the national wine press, but it’s still the best value shiraz around. A fruit bomb loaded with some serious black magic: blackberry, black pepper, and black cherry. Round and big in the mouth, the fruit keeps on going and going. Like magic, I tell you. Not a serious wine in any fashion: this is the roller coaster ride most folks are looking for when they want a good value Shiraz.

Langois NV Cremant de Loire (France)

This Loire Valley sparkler is a great reason to explore the world outside of Champagne. Primarily, Chenin Blanc, this wine has medium-to-small bubbles and a fine aroma of black truffle and almond paste. The palate is lush if a bit waxy, with flavors of fresh white fruits and ginger.

Miguel Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Rose (Chile)

Okay, whose idea was is to make a bone-dry blush from Cabernet? Not the usual (especially for those whose experience with blush wines started and stopped with white zins). Neon-salmon color with the typical Cabernet aromas of plums and green pepper. The flavors run toward the citrus and tart cherry on the palate—a touch of green pepper in the finish along with a whiff of graphite and lemon zest. Very interesting and would be suited to cheese pairings, especially farmhouse and aged goat cheeses.

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