Wine bottle, glass, certificate, abstract art.

Why Sommelier Certifications Matter

Sommelier certifications are increasingly popular with both wine enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you are curious about wine education or looking to advance your wine career, sommelier certifications can be an intelligent …

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Colorful "What is Wine?" artwork with a wine bottle.

What is Wine?

What is wine? Why do I do this to myself? Why do I ask sommeliers this question? Invariably, I get one of the following three answers. Each time, a tiny part …

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Wine bottle, glass, books, and corkscrew

Top Picks for Wine Books

Wine is all about knowledge. If you are drawn toward the world of wine, there are two things you need: a good book and a corkscrew. The more you know, the …

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French wine culture illustration with colorful abstract elements.

French Wine Regions

History of French WineFrance’s history with wine dates back to the 6th century BC, when the city-state of Massalia (modern-day Marseille) began trading wines with other Mediterranean cultures. However, viticulturally speaking, …

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spanish wine regions

Spanish Wine Regions

It is no secret that Spain has a lush terroir, bringing us the world’s most exciting cultivars and high-quality wine. As a result, Spain is now known for being one of …

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Colorful vineyard illustration with a farmer holding a tool.

Portuguese Wine Regions

Introduction to Portuguese WineOnly in the last few years has the wine-drinking public realized there is more to Portuguese wines than Port and Madeira. This was primarily due to the ubiquitousness …

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